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Police Service upbeat about fighting crimes

DSP Ghana News Kwesi Ofori Acting Director-General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwasi Ofori

Thu, 2 Sep 2021 Source:

The Acting Director-General of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwasi Ofori says the Police Service is doing everything possible to combat crime.

He said leadership of the Service is committed to bringing their services to the door steps of the people and are working tirelessly to prevent crime-related cases.

ACP Kwasi Ofori said the Police Service is making use of its patrol teams and partnering community members to aid in the fight against crime-related issues. He made this known on our Current Affairs Program FOCUS.

“I think all is good for the Ghana Police at the moment. The leadership is so committed to make sure that we bring our services to the doorstep of the people. But, in spite of the challenges that we are confronted with, some are perennial problems.

"It’s a perennial legacy over the years that we are increasing patrols in our communities everywhere in the country making judicious use of our Policemen and women to prevent crime and especially violent crimes like robbery and what have you.

"And you are very much aware that we are into Bono East. The police are to enforce the law and protect everybody and I can tell you that we are taking a lot of measures,” according to ACP Kwasi Ofori.

Security Analyst Adam Bonaa was of the view that the recent increase in crime especially murder should be looked at holistically rather than just making mere arrests of people who engage in such heinous acts.

He said more resources should be committed to mental health delivery in the country. Mr. Bonaa also suggested that the police should be allowed to generate its own revenue and not be over reliant on the government for logistics.

“If we are able to monetize the Ghana Police and ensure that they don’t have to go to the Central Kitchen to take money. They don’t have body cameras. They don’t have vehicles to use 24 hours, so every now and then, they break down. Let’s look at the Ghana police to be very foundation of our democracy,” Security Analyst Adam Bonaa stated.

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