Police places GH¢2000 bounty on man captured beating baby mercilessly

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Tue, 4 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Ghana Police Service has announced a GH¢2000 reward for any person who can provide information that will lead to the arrest of a man captured in a viral video on beating up a baby.

In a series of tweets shared on Tuesday (October 4), the police said it is seriously investigating the matter to arrest the man as well as rescue the baby.

“The Police have sighted a horrifying video on social media in which a male adult is seen subjecting an infant to severe beating under a tree.

“Efforts are underway to track down the individual involved, have him arrested and rescue the child.

“In view of the urgency associated with the matter, a reward of GHC2000 has been set aside for anyone who is able to provide credible information that could lead to the arrest of the individual and rescue of the child,” parts of the tweets read.

GhanaWeb earlier reported a video of a man beating a baby boy while other elderly people sat unconcerned which was shared online.

The one-minute and 18-second long video shows the man whipping him with a dry palm tree branch in a place that looks like a farming community.

The man heard behind the video starts by telling the other (the one whipping the boy), in Twi, that he will injure the little one, but does nothing else thereafter to stop the angry man from going ahead with his extreme ‘punishment.’

Without anyone to stop him, he whips the boy 24 times before finally leaving him.

The more he whipped the boy, the less he cried, until a point where it became too clear that the little boy had taken so much beating, he could no longer even shed a tear or cry out.

The video ends with the man behind the video saying, “I hope you have accomplished what you wanted to do.”

View the tweets by the police plus the video of the man beating up the baby below


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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