Police update nation on 2022 prophecies: All you need to know

 MTTD Supt Alexander Obeng 4.png The police statement was signed by Supt. Kwaku Alexander Obeng

Fri, 7 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Police issue a press release to update the nation on prophecies

Police commend Ghanaians for conduct during crossover services

Police reiterate that they are not opposed to prophecies

The Ghana Police Service on Thursday, January 6, 2022, issued a press release updating the nation on its earlier directive about the issuance of prophecies that had the potential of causing fear and panic or infringing on the rights of others.

The first statement issued on December 27, 2021, cautioned Prophets especially ahead of the 2021 Watch Night and Cross Over services, that over the years had been used by Charismatic preachers to make ‘doom prophecies.’

The latest statement, signed by Supt. Alexander Kwaku Obeng, addressed a number of areas that this article breaks down.

1 - Commendation to religious groups, public

“The Police wish to commend all religious groups in particular and the public in general, for their support and understanding of our proactive policing initiative on the communication of prophecies and related matters prior to the 31st December celebrations,” the first paragraph of the statement read.

2 - Review of prophecy videos

A number of known annual prophesy makers whiles slamming the December 27, 2021 directive by the police warning against prophecies that could cause fear and panic, adopted rather mute prophecies as compared to point-blank pronouncements in years past during 2021 watch night services.

The Police have hinted that they are reviewing videos of some 2022 prophecies and will take legal action if need be.

“Following this initiative, multiple video footages have come to our attention regarding the communication of prophecies on the night of 31st December, 2021. Police have begun analysing these videos to ascertain whether any of them is in breach of the laws of the country and anybody found culpable will be put before a court,” part of the statement read.

3 - Doom prophecies must be observed all year round

The statement also urged prophets of the Gospel to continuously observe the ban on doom prophecies on a daily basis, failure which the relevant sanctions will be applied to culprits.

“We would like to caution that, the law on publication of information including prophecies that have the tendency to cause fear and panic or put people’s lives in danger, is not limited to 31st December only, but should be adhered to on a daily basis.”

4 - Police against only doom prophecies

“We wish to reiterate that the law and the police are not against religious practices of the performance of religious doctrines and beliefs such as prophecies. However, if such information is communicated publicly and undermines the laws of the state, the relevant laws and sanctions will be applied,” the statement concluded.


The Ghana Police Service on December 27 issued a statement, prompting prophets on the need not to make prophecies that cause ‘fear and panic.’

“We want to caution that under Ghanaian law, it is a crime for a person to publish or reproduce a statement, rumour or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm to the public or to disturb the public peace, where that person has no evidence to prove that the statement, rumour or report is true."

“It is also a crime for a person, by means of electronic communications service, to knowingly send a communication that is false or misleading and likely to prejudice the efficiency of life-saving service or to endanger the safety of any person,” the statement added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com