Crime & Punishment Thu, 1 Aug 2013

Policeman dismissed for shooting student

The police officer who shot and killed a student, Stephen Danomah, leading to the state coughing up GHC 42,000 compensation has been dismissed from the Ghana Police Service, Mr Anthony Kokoroko, Legal Officer of the police service legal directorate has said.

According to him, Constable Felix Asante, who killed Danomah, then a student of the Central University College, on December 11, 2008 in Accra, was dismissed on October 4, 2010 after investigations had been conducted into the matter. Mr Kokoroko said this when he appeared at the Judgment Debt Commission sitting in Accra yesterday.

Giving a background to the incident, he said on December 11, 2008, a police patrol team operating around the Tesano area in a vehicle with registration number GP 2396, received a distress call that a taxi-cab had parked near the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) and the occupants were robbing people of their mobile phones.

He said the team set out to go and apprehend the offenders and that on its way, it chanced upon a taxi-cab with registration number GW 3182 R, near the GTUC driving in the wrong lane.

The driver failed to stop when the patrol team signalled him to, so the team chased the driver up to the Dimples Traffic Lights where the police managed to cross the vehicle, he said.

Mr Kokoroko said Constable Asante, who was sitting in the bucket of the police vehicle, got down, and that in an attempt to deflate the tyres of the taxi, he inadvertently shot and killed one of the occupants of the taxi-cab who happened to be Stephen Danomah.

Mr Kokoroko said after investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Asante was dismissed from the service”.

The Sole Commissioner, Mr Justice Yaw Apau, asked the Legal Officer why Constable Asante was sacked because from his (Legal Officer’s) explanation, Asante attempted to deflate the tyres of the vehicle.

Mr Kokoroko replied that that was Constable Asante’s version of the case “but the other side is that when he (Asante) got down the police vehicle had already crossed the taxi driver in which case, there was no way the taxi driver could escape”.

Source: Daily Graphic