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Policeman fights with driver over car key, social media reacts

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Tue, 20 Jul 2021 Source:

A video circulating on social media has shown a police officer in a heated scuffle with a driver due to an unknown reason.

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, the driver who seemed unperturbed about the possible danger was captured struggling with the police officer for his car key although the car was still in motion.

While furiously demanding for his keys, the driver asked to be rather escorted to the police station if he is indeed guilty of any offence.

Screams of a passenger on board the vehicle at that particular moment could also be heard as the car staggered on the road because the driver at that point ignored the steering wheel to fight the police officer.

Although the cause of the tussle cannot be ascertained, a section of the public is of the view that the police officer could have handled the situation better, regardless the driver’s offence.

The Tesano Police Commander ACP Oduro Amaning, siding with this particular notion has since condemned the actions of the police officer.

The ACP insisted that the police could have called for a backup when he felt the situation was overwhelming.

“The struggle was not the best. The driver should have also behaved himself and respected the Officer,” he said.

Watch the video and some reactions below:

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