Politicians are editing GBC news – Captain Smart alleges as bribery charges loom

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Thu, 20 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Captain Smart rejects corruption-related charges by CID

Onua TV host says he is target of political persecution

He accuses GBC of allowing itself to be manipulated

Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly referred to as Captain Smart, has responded to a recent Police report stating that he is to face corruption-related charges in an alleged bribery case involving a Minister of State.

Smart, a known critic of the current government insists that he is the subject of a politically motivated attempt to silence his views. He is quick to add that he refuses to be gagged over an issue he described as ‘nonsense.’

While speaking on the January 19, 2022, edition of his programme, Onua Maakye on Onua FM/TV, he also took a swipe at the state broadcaster, Ghana Television, alleging that their new was now being directed by politicians.

“GBC news is being politically directed and the host is fumbling because they know they are speaking nonsense.

“Let me sound this warning, Nana Addo, Bawumia; whoever is as big or small in this government. If your plan is to silence Captain Smart, go ahead; you will never succeed.”

He disclosed further that he was the sole journalist who is ceaselessly trailed but the state, adding: “but like a military officer on the warfront, I fear no bullet.”

“Government officials today are editing news on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, you guys are a disgrace. The lady reading the news is confused and afraid. I won’t surrender my life to you (Nana Addo), you and your people fighting to bring me down are bringing yourselves down,” he warned.


The Police CID via an official statement said they will press charges relating to defrauding by false pretences and accepting and giving bribes to influence a public official against the journalist.

The issue relates to an allegation that started last year on Net2 TV, that a businesswoman had approached Captain Smart with the view of he helping her influence the Minister over a land that she was interested in.

The Minister was the one who lodged the case with the Police after the allegation was reported in the media.

Captain Smart in his response has accused the government of using such frivolous matters with the view of gagging him, he said on the January 19 edition of his programme that he remained undaunted by the scheming.

“That a person of my stature has been given GHC10,000 to go and influence the Roads Minister. Can you imagine this rubbish? If so, then the Minister is very cheap. That I should influence him with GHC10,000.

“How is it that since 2018, you are now pursuing this matter in 2022. I swear that I have no idea about that nonsense that is aimed at just implicating Captain Smart,” he submitted

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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