Present Ameri contract with Mytilineos to parliament – Jinapor to government

John Jinapor Fuel Ranking member of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, John Jinapor

Thu, 30 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ameri contract has been forwarded to Attorney General, Jinapor alleges

Parliament must approve govt contracts with foreign entities, Jinapor

Cost of transporting Ameri plant reeks of corruption, we vehemently oppose it, Jinapor

Ranking member of the Mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, John Jinapor, has urged the government to present a contract that he claims they have signed with Mytilineos for the transfer of the Ameri plant to Kumasi.

Jinapor said that since Mytilineos is a foreign company, the government is obliged to submit the agreement it has with the company to Parliament for approval, citinewsroom.com reports.

He added that failure on the part of the government to present the deal to Parliament is an affront to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.

“They confirmed that they had entered into an agreement with Mytilineos company for pre-financing. The project will cost about $35 million. And they have even forwarded the contract to the Attorney-General, so they can execute the contract.

“More importantly, this company is an international company, and in accordance with Article 181(5) of the constitution, such international agreements must even be brought to Parliament. This nicodemous attempt to sign this contract will not be countenanced,” he said.

On Wednesday at Parliament, Jinapor, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Yapei Kusawgu, raised concern about the alleged $35 million cost to be incurred for the transportation of the Ameri plant to Kumasi.

The MP suggested that some government officials are trying to loot the state by transferring the project to its allies.

He added that government should transfer the project to the Volta River Authority (VRA) because it has the technicalities to transport the plant at a far lower cost.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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