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President Mahama now a serial caller?

By Daniel Danquah Damptey

The tragic and symptomatic lawlessness and depravity in the Ghanaian society is epitomized by the Nefarious Destructive Cancer’s imposition of John Dramani Mahama as the party’s Presidential Candidate.

Never in the history of Ghana’s politics has there been such a bizarre and crude way of destroying others in order to create way for the anointed son of the soil. Permit me to state here that John Dramani Mahama epitomizes all the crude qualities found in the Soviet Leader, Nikita Khrushchev and the Nigerian Dictator, General Sanni Abacha.

Yes, I remember Nikita Khrushchev, a former leader of defunct Soviet Union for one thing. In the midst of extreme passion during an address at the General Assembly, he removed one of his shoes and banged it on the podium. Sanni Abacha was the notorious Nigerian Dictator who defied the entire world in pursuit of his devilish ambition of entrenching himself in power.

It is interesting to note that when one presidential hopeful made his ambition public, the same aspirant went on air to state that his enemies were at work for he had no presidential ambition. Nevertheless, he contacted his lawyer to write his last testament. Yes, the fear of Sanni Abacha was the beginning of wisdom.

And as it was with Sanni Abacha of Nigeria, so it is with John Dramani Mahama. Whoever stands in his way has got to be crushed. Whoever dares to challenge John Mahama for the soul of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer has not yet been born. What happened to Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings when she, as First Vice Chair-person decided to challenge President Mahama for the party’s presidential slot?

A path of perfidy is steadily being embarked upon by President Mahama and his boot lickers. In the last couple of weeks, the President, goaded on by his visionless advisers, has degenerated from “Commander in Thief” to a Serial Caller. At every point of call, he hurls attacks on the person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Presidential Candidate of “Nnipa Pa Party”. His vituperations are devoid of reasons and facts.

At the launch of their rudderless Campaign which turned out to be their surest way to Golgotha, Nana became the toast of the gathering when his name was mentioned 71 times whilst the President was mentioned just 15times. You can see the amount of desperation that has cropped into the Nefarious Contraption.

The NDC had said and written a lot of good things about Nana Konadu, but the moment she announced her intentions to vie for the party’s presidential slot, all the hawks, pigs, vultures, vicious dogs, snarling and venomous vipers and the tarantulas descended and dissected her with their crude incisors and instruments.

What happened to George Boateng who decided to challenge President Mahama for the NDC Presidential slot? The fat cats in the party said he was mad. The party sacked staff who were on duty on the day George Boateng bought his nomination form at the party headquarters.

President Mahama, who has reduced himself to a serial caller seems to have forgotten so soon that at one stage, the party had to ‘deal’ with Obed Asamoah and Francis Essiam whom they accused of sabotaging the efforts of their nefarious contraption.


Can we also say that The duo of Mills and Mahama drove out Bede Zede, Kwaku Baako and Nii Okaija Adamafio from the party? Did the NDC not suspend and harass Sly Akakpovie to his death? What about Kofi Adams who was suspended without being given a hearing?

But the funny thing is that Nii Amasan Namoele came out publicly to state that the Nefarious Destructive Cancer’s constitution allows suspension without a hearing. What is serial caller John Mahama saying about that? Is this a political party that decent human beings should join? Definitely, no! It is a political zoo!

During the primaries, what happened between E.T.Mensah and Sam George should give credence to the fact that brotherhood does not exist in the lexicon of the Nefarious and Cancerous Contraption. Sam George alleged that he had been slapped by E.T.Mensah.

Yet our serial caller of a President sees nothing wrong with that! I hope they have not forgotten about the slap Sampson Ahi, MP for Juaboso received from his colleague MP, Ibrahim Rauf Tanko of Yagaba/Kubori also an NDC MP. If without any provocation, a colleague MP could “wham slap” a fellow colleague because the former (Ahi) belonged to the Mills faction, then there is danger ahead of us.

The greatest sacrilege that has been done to the legacy of late President Mills is Mahama’s deviation from the “Dzi wo fie” (Eat your House Matter) mantra to actively get involved in the internal affairs of the Nnipa Pa Party. I bet, the late President might be turning in his grave at this act of betrayal by acolytes he thought he could trust. The late President was said to have confided in late David Lamptey that “they want to kill me”.

On an important occasion such as the launching of the party’s manifesto, one would have expected the party to observe at least a minute silence in memory of the late President. But, that was not their agenda, because having “sacrificed” him for what one insider considered to be “excess baggage”, he was no longer useful to them. This is similar to the way Boxer was used by the pigs and then sold to the knackers for his flesh to be used as “suya” in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

Again, if there was no confusion in the party, why was the Founder not invited to the launching? It will be recalled that it was the Founder who had used his own blood to sign his signature on the Constitution of the party. But when the roll was called, he was nowhere to be found. Again, if there is no confusion in the party, why should the daughter of the Founder be a Parliamentary Candidate of the party while the wife is the Presidential Candidate of a splinter group?

You see, the NDC as a party has attempted to denigrate the name of Rawlings ever since he supported the presidential bid of his darling wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. Some of the boys Rawlings has personally helped have said that Rawlings could not be the Founder of the party just as they are alleging that there is no Big Six when it comes to the Founding Fathers of the nation. Asiedu Nketiah called Rawlings a “barking dog”.

Alhaji Baturi has said that late President Mills’ refusal to give Rawlings money to treat his Parkinson disease made Rawlings hate the late President. Fiifi Kwetey who claimed he is a Togolese but was brought to Ghana by ex President Rawlings went to the ridiculous extent to say it was his mentor who had taught him “Positive Defiance” and he was going to use the same principle to defy him.

At a point in time the Presidency went to another ridiculous extent by grounding the plane which had specially been sent to convey Former President Rawlings to witness the inaugural ceremony of Lucky Ebele Jonathan as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The plane was at the tarmac and waiting for the Green Light to take off when an order from above directed that the Plane be grounded. What is more bizarre than that! And yet this Mahama of a President has descended into the gutters to condemn Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, God’s Own Elect and our Decisive President in Waiting for something he is powerless to act on.


You might ask me why I refer to President Mahama as a serial caller. Yes, he is, and I will repeat it a thousand times because there is no word I can use to describe his action. Has the President now become a “follow follow” person? Has he now become like blind Bartemeous in the Bible who had to be led by others?

It is an accepted norm that a disciple should follow his master without question. But President Mahama has given a different version to this axiom. He is telling us that his appointees and disciples are well versed and knowledgeable that he is. His tirade and invectives against Nana Addo Dankwa are exactly the same ones used by Koku Anyidoho.

Why, My President? Have you relinquished your power and authority to Koku Anyidoho? Can’t you think by yourself? Have you become a “copy copy” leader? Why have you cheapen the presidency to this level? Why have you degenerated to the level of a serial caller? You make wild and unfounded allegations without facts or proof?

Have you now become a parrot that you utter every word you hangers-on tell you? What crime have Ghanaians committed to be saddled with a rudderless leadership which cannot discern its left from the right.

It is no wonder that the party has at the centre of its engine a political nitwit called Asiedu Nketiah which is synonymous with salt which has lost its taste. Come December 7, 2016, both President Mahama and his nefarious contraption will be “castrated” and sent to political oblivion.

Yes, the nefarious contraption has become a house of horror. Just open your mouth and you will curse the day on which you were born. People enter the contraption willingly with all their faculties intact, but once inside, they become depraved and act like demented cows.

President Mahama should remember that “he who gets excited at handling scorpions by the head should not forget it has poison in its tail”. What is happening in the NDC is reminiscent of the Soviet Union under Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev. The removal of duly elected Parliamentary Candidates who are not in the camp of President John Dramani Mahama should teach Ghanaians that we have a vicious,, unprincipled, egoistic and self-seeking politician with vaulting ambition superintending over the affairs of the nation to “deal with”.

Over the last couples of week, parliamentary aspirants not in the President’s good books have been removed under mysterious circumstances. First to go was the “poor man” at the Abuakwa North Constituency, Dr. Anthony Osei Gyimah. He is alleged to be a strong advocate of Rawlings’ inclusion in the affairs of the NDC.

Victor Smith former spokes-person to Ex President Rawlings and the anointed son of the new Pharaoh who does not know Joseph (President Mahama) was brought in to take his place. This was to smite former President Rawlings and cut him to size.

Next to taste the wrath of President Mahama was another duly elected Parliamentary Candidate of Upper West Akim Constituency, Mr Joseph Amankwanor. He is another known advocate of the Rawlingses inclusion. A Mahama favourite has been chosen to replace him. Next comes the mother of all blunders and callousness.

The National Executive Officers of the Nefarious Contraption had been having nocturnal meetings as to how to deal with the “infidel” from the Abuakwa North Constituency. A Daniel finally came to judgment”. The solution similar to Krobo Edusei’s edict “Shawcross in, Shawcross out” was arrived at, and that was to sack the last of the Mohicans who happened to be a vocal supporter of John Jerry Rawlings, Founder of the Nefarious Contraption.


All these are happening in NDC strong holds, yet President Mahama who has all the security apparatus under him has not deemed it fit to restore order at the place. But, without any facts at his disposal, he has joined the ranks of Koku Anyidoho, Omane Boamah, Allotey Jacobs and other serial callers who have abandoned the jobs they are expected to do to cast aspersions and invectives on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and his Running Mate Dr. Bawumia.

What is also happening in the Three Tamale Constituencies gives credence to the already stated axiom that there is no brotherhood in the nefarious Destructive Cancer. Muritalla Mohammed and Haruna Iddrissu are throwing jabs and imaginary punches as if their entire lives depend on crushing each other.

The accusation about bribery should awaken the President from his deep stupor to the fact that the ineffective leadership he has given the country has also reduced his contraption to nothing. The darts and debris from his inept leadership style has affected our image, both at home and abroad, including even football which is the only unifying factor in the country.

News filtering in from unimpeachable sources suggests that our vindictive President is peeved at Majority Leader of Parliament, Alban Bagbin for saying that Haruna Iddrissu is a Presidential material. And our vindictive President will not let the Majority go scot free. He has now set in motion some cantankerous traps to “catch” the majority Leader in it so as to get rid of him.

And you tell me, John Dramani Mahama has human feelings for fellow beings! At best, he could be described as insensitive, callous, impertinent, diabolic, temperamental, crude and visionless. Surprisingly, there are equally, a large number of rogues devoid of human faculties who are willing tools for such nefarious activities. And the President is superintending over such diabolic plans.

Why, President Mahama? You seem to be groping in the dark and clutching at anything that comes your way. Why have you cheapen the Presidency to such an extent that even convicted criminals see the presidency as a place they must land at all cost. There is fire in your back yard, yet you do not see it. Is it deliberate or you are truly blind like the bat and Bartemeous in the Holy Bible.

I feel pity for President Mahama because without any fact, he has allowed himself to be deceived by agents of darkness who have just descended from Hades to torment innocent human beings on earth. Any person with all his faculties intact will know that the problems that beset the NPP were beyond Nana Akufo Addo.

The Nefarious Destructive Cancer, going by its name, deliberately set in motion a well orchestrated plan to set the New Patriotic Party aflame. The leadership of their contraption and the Presidency doled out huge sums of money to Paul Afoko and his rag tag army to destabilize the NPP from within.

President Mahama, Koku Anyidoho, Allotey Jacobs, Solomon Nkansa, Kofi Adams, Omane Boamah, Asiedu Nketiah, Fiifi Kwetey, Kwadwo Twum Boafo (who was alleged to have tasted the forbidden fruit of his father’s younger wife and pulled a gun on the old man when the old man complained) Sam George, Felix Ofosu Kwakye and many latter day saints in the party are peeved because with the suspension of the National Chairman and some of his cohorts, their source of information has dried up. Who wouldn’t under such circumstances?

Anyone who still goes on the tangent that Nana Addo lacks good leadership skills because he cannot solve the problems in the NPP deserve to have his head examined. This is the simple truth. Here are the hard facts. The Upper West Chairman of the party who died from acid burns was a supporter of Nana Addo.

The young man from Asawase who was also stabbed to death was a staunch supporter of Nana Addo. This shows that the people fomenting trouble in the party are supporters of Paul Afoko who are being goaded on by the Presidency and the NDC. How do you control people who have vowed to make you unpopular? And it will interest readers to know that these harbingers of evil who happen to come from the fiefdom of Afoko have resisted all moves initiated by Nana Addo and the party hierarchy make them see reason.

Why has the case stalled till this time? Who is handling the prosecution? The Attorney General’s Department! The case ought to have been concluded a long time ago, but the hand of Esau appears to be tele-guiding the legal process. One will not be surprised to hear a verdict of Not Guilty pronounced on Paul Afoko’s brother.

In conclusion, let me state here with emphasis that the “illegal demolition” of duly elected candidates who are known to be pro-Rawlings supporters to be replaced by hand-picked supporters of the “anointed sons of the party (president Mahama)” is like a tale told by an idiot which will continue to prick the conscience of Ghanaians for a long time to come.

It will remain an albatross hanging on the necks of these necromancers in the nefarious Contraption who have become obsessed to pepertuate themselves in power. The spirit of fear possesses them and so they use State money to pay fetish priests, juju men and fake men of God for their personal protection.

These men and women in Government have built and live in stockades that they call houses. The number of iron bars, bullet proof doors and tunnels one has to pass to get to their living rooms make the Maximum Security Prison at Nsawam seem like a child play. The Presidency has fouled the atmosphere with his incessant attacks on the Flag bearer of the NPP, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

This is unpresidential and unacceptable. Going by his own interpretation of a leader, President Mahama has ceded the presidency to his subordinate, Koku Anyidoho, the bully comedian, who is doing everything in his power to resuscitate his battered image after the untimely demise of his benefactor, Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

The Nefarious Destructive Cancer is in a quagmire and needs a magic wand to revamp its fortune? Who will provide the needed tonic? If it is not John Dramani Mahama, then who might the person be? Already the Nefarious Destructive Cancer is neck deep in trouble and in need of divine solution. The Founder, who in time past, had played a yeoman role is a a mediator has adopted a “wait and see” attitude. Who will save the party now?

Judged against the background that the fear of John Mahama is the beginning of wisdom, no member of the contraption would like to fish in troubled waters. John Dramani Mahama is now the NDC personified, for everything revolves around him. The mantra has now changed from being “Primus Inter Pares” to “John Mahama here, John Mahama there, John Mahama everywhere”. Who say man no dey? As it was in Orwell’s “Animal Farm” so it is in John Mahama’s NDC.

I shall be back. Till then, stay blessed.

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Self-Appointed Special Aide to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo). E-mail: Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah