General News Tue, 20 Nov 2012

Prez Mahama & Co behaved like class six pupils- Hassan Ayariga

The Presidential Candidate of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Hassan Ayariga has pledged to be the most outstanding candidate during the next IEA Presidential debate slated for Wednesday.

Speaking to Rashida Nasamu on Awake Tuesday morning, the affable and smooth talking Ayariga indicated that his below par performance during the first IEA debate held at Tamale was because the other candidates came to the podium with notes which they read from.

“Out of the three mature leaders we are talking about, Nana Akufo-Addo, Dr. Abu Sakara and His Excellency the President, John Mahama, were all reading notes and manifestos. Ayariga was the one who spoke without notes,” he said.

“So I believe that Ghanaians should have even given me the highest mark because it is just like going for an exams and you walk into the exam hall with text book and they ask you a question and you flip through your textbook and read the answers to the people.

“Is that a debate? Look at Abu Sakara, he was practically reading everything from his notes and that is why Ghanaians think that he said something good.”

At a point in the discussion with Rashida Nasamu, the presidential candidate likened the other candidates to class six pupils who enter their examination centres with notes to copy from.

“Even class six pupil can do that. As a president or potential president, you should be able to speak and talk without notes,” he continued.

“At a point I was nervous because I was standing beside all of them and all I saw was everyone was flipping through a sheet. I was like ‘wow, what kind of debate is this?’ That my senior brothers were reading instead of thinking on the spot?”

He therefore assured Ghanaians that he will be the best candidate in tomorrow’s debate since he will also be ably assisted by his notes. “Tomorrow, I will also come with notes. We shall see what happens tomorrow.”

Hassan Ayariga pointed out to Rashida Nasamu that he was ready for the debate despite his earlier denial of the chance to take part on Monday morning.

Later on Monday evening, the IEA indicated that there was no place for the PNC flag bearer on their podium on Wednesday, November 21 as the second debate is held since they had only made preparation for three people after Hassan Ayariga’s earlier withdrawal.

He had chosen to be out of the contest since the nation is mourning the late Vice President, Aliu Mahama.
Source: etvghana