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Prof. Adei congratulates Mahama for advising government on economy

Prof Stephen Adei

Sat, 2 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaians suffering economic hardship

Government signs up for an IMF programme

Opposition mock government for decision to seek IMF support

Economist and former GIMPA rector, Prof Stephen Adei has congratulated former President John Dramani Mahama for his contributions to economic debate in the country.

He reserved praise for Mahama in respect of a recent lecture in which the former president spoke extensively about the ills bedeviling the economy and proffering solutions.

"I want to congratulate former President John Mahama for coming out with some measures to solve our problems, Prof. Adei said on the June 30, 2022 edition of the UpFront programme on Joy News.

He referred to a home-based economic summit Mahama organized in 2015 as he sought solutions for Ghana's economic hurdles at the time.

"At Senchi we discussed all the options and we were convinced that going to the IMF was the best. I think we have to analyze the current situation to see the best option," he stressed.


The lecture was the second in as many months by Mahama.

Mahama gave a presentation at the inaugural launch of the Think Progress Ghana group. The theme for the occasion was: “Ghana’s Debt Burden: Reflections and Solutions.”

Months prior, he delivered a similar lecture that touched on the economy and other thematic areas of governance in a presentation dubbed “Ghana At A Crossroads.”

In his recent lecture, he called on the government to apply for an IMF programme to help salvage the economy from catastrophe.

Barely 12 hours on, government announced that the Finance Minister had been directed to start formal talks with the Fund for a programme put together by the government of Ghana.

That announcement has since triggered lots of chatter in the media, with government taking flak for economic mismanagement.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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