Prof Atuguba boldly alerted us to 'dangers of the wolves of adventurism' - Abu Sakara

Ghanaweb Abu Sakara Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, former CPP flagbearer

Fri, 11 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Prof Atuguba warns of possible coup citing economic situation

Government takes strong exception to his views

Abu Sakara says Atuguba deserves praise for speaking the hard truth

A former flagbearer of the CPP, Dr Abu Sakara Foster, has waded into recent public discourse on whether or not Ghana is rife for a coup given the current economic situation of the country.

The coup caution was made a week ago by Prof Raymond Atuguba, Dean of the School of Law at the University of Ghana at a public forum in Accra.

His views attracted a lot of backlash especially from pro-government quarters including a call for his arrest over supposedly treasonable comments.

“A big part of why certain coups succeed and others fail is the economy. What is the state of our economy today? At the level of the most irreducible idiomaticity, Ghana is broke…” Atuguba submitted.

According to Dr. Sakara, who is founder of the National Interest Movement, it is clear that those attacking Prof Atuguba are doing so for parochial reasons.

In a statement titled: 'Persecution of Professor Atuguba only proves his point,' Sakara said the academic rather needed to be lauded for shining "a light of

hope amid the gathering clouds of economic despair."

He said beyond sounding alarm bells of what could become if the economy is not 'saved,' Atuguba also proffered "solutions to our dire circumstances that he aptly described with clinical precision."

In a statement, Dr Abu Sakara said, “The fact that so many commentators are emerging from their cubicles to impugn the stellar integrity of Professor Atuguba suggests that they have other motives than an honest critique of his electric presentation.

"Prof. Atuguba shone a light of hope amid the gathering clouds of economic despair by proffering solutions to our dire circumstances that he aptly described with clinical precision.

“My suspicion is that many of those trying to tag him with coup mongering are indeed only smarting from his dissection of the economy that exposed their arguments that all is well, except for some ‘legitimate concerns that the country has no money.”

The concluding part of the statement asked for divine protection for persons like Atuguba for putting the nation first.

"May God preserve the likes of Prof Atuguba who will boldly alert us to the dangers of the wolves of adventurism that are lurking at our door. May God preserve the patriots that have laid down their lives for the rule of law in our dear nation.

"May God raise up a younger generation of true leaders that expect to serve and not be served. We must seek to be cleansed of the sense of entitlement that plagues leadership in our society.

"God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong," it concluded.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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