Provide breakdown of US$34 million cost involved in relocating Ameri Plant to Kumasi - Minority

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Thu, 30 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

AMERI power plant to be relocated to Kumasi

Govt not forthcoming with details of relocation of AMERI plant

Relocation of AMERI plant to help stabilise national grid

The Minority in Parliament has asked government to provide a breakdown of the US$34 million costs involved in the relocation of the Ameri Plant to Kumasi.

Government earlier announced that the AMERI plant will be relocated to Kumasi to deal with the power crisis in the region and its environs.

This, the sector minister noted, will cost some US$34million.

It is against this backdrop that a member of the Energy Committee in Parliament, Edward Bawa, has stated that a detailed account of how the money will be expended should be provided.

He noted that the cost was revealed after the Mines and Energy committee met with a number of Agencies in the Mines and Energy sector.

According to Bawa, government cannot afford to make certain expenditures at this time when the country is facing harsh economic challenges.

“As a Minority, we demand the breakdown of this cost, particularly when the country is having difficulties paying salaries and servicing our debt. The Energy sector is under serious challenges and therefore such opaque transactions must be halted in the supreme interest of every Ghanaian.”

He also noted when questioned about the details of the transaction, “answers were not forthcoming” from the then sector minister Boakye Agyarko.

He also cast doubts on the credibility of the company contracted to perform the relocation exercise.

“The company contracted to carry out the relocation of the plant is Mytilineous international trading company, the same company that was involved in the novation and amendment of the Ameri contract that almost swindled Ghanaians but for the vigilance of the Minority.”

Government last year disclosed that the Ameri Plant will be relocated to Kumasi from Aboadze to help stabilize the national grid.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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