Opinions Wed, 9 Sep 2009

Rawlings Debunks Scancem Bribery Allegation – A Rejoinder

• “Former President Rawlings said unfortunately he did not have sufficient funds to hire an expensive international lawyer to pursue a libel case against Dagens Naeringsliv, which has wide circulation in Norway.”

The quotation above is from Ghanaweb GHP story posted on 6th September 2009 that carried the caption above. This is the part of the whole story that struck my attention and curiosity and set my mind in action. Two questions beat that mind.

1. If Rawlings believes that it is 100% false that “he and his wife took millions of dollars in bribe money from a cement company, Scancem”, then why should he not borrow money from even the “Shylock” to clear his name...knowing that the allegation is false and, therefore, not provable? Since it is not provable, it means he will win a libel case. And after winning, he will be awarded costs and damages that will far exceed the money he will borrow.


2. If Rawlings cannot do the simple thing that any “Great Man” of his wisdom and stature would do in his circumstance.....which is to borrow money and clear his name if he has been WRONGLY accused, then does he want Ghanaians to believe and trust him?

Two simple questions for Rawlings and readers, I guess.

Otchere Darko

Columnist: Otchere Darko