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Rawlings’ registration for Ghana card not a ‘slap in our face’ – Minority

The Minority in Parliament says they don’t consider the decision by former President Rawlings to register for the Ghana card despite their boycott as a disapproval of their actions.

According to the Deputy Minority Leader, James Avedzi, the former President had taken a personal decision on the matter, and so the Minority will not fault him for that especially when he did not make any categorical statement on the ongoing debate, unlike former President Kufuor who backed their stance.

“He is an individual. He did not make any call to say that it is not good. Probably it might come today or tomorrow. He has not come out to condemn the Minority’s decision”

Asked whether Mr. Rawlings’ decision was a slap in the Minority’s face, Mr. Avedzi said; “no, it is not.”

Addressing the press in Parliament, Mr. Avedzi further advised government and the NIA to see the merit in the argument of the Minority and former President Kufuor.

“The call by the former President Kufuor that the voters’ ID card should be added, I think that the government should listen to that call and ensure that the law we pass on the floor here is amended to include the voters’ ID card so at least we can say 15 million have qualified and can register. We are vindicated by the position of the former President.”

“We have the hope that once this is coming from one of them who has been a former President from their party, it is something they must consider and we believe that they will consider. If they do not we will allow the court process to come to a conclusion.”

Kufuor backs use of voter ID for Ghana Cards

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor on Tuesday backed calls for the National Identification Authority (NIA) to accept voters ID card as a proof of Ghanaian citizenship for the issuance of the Ghana card.

Currently, the NIA only accepts a passport or a birth certificate as proof of citizenship per the law that regulates their work.

Two Ghanaian citizens could also testify for those who do not have either a passport or a birth certificate.

The Minority in Parliament has mounted pressure on the NIA to include the voters ID card, but the NIA is adamant.

The Minority as a result boycotted the registration for parliamentarians which has since ended.

Speaking to journalists in Accra on Tuesday after he was registered, Mr. Kufuor said it is necessary for the voters ID card to be added as a form of identification.

“It should be added,” he said, explaining that “if voters ID card is not incorporated in this then when it comes to citizens going to make a government where would you be?”

“How would you say truly you also have power in your thumb to make or unmake a government? So voters ID card should be part of it,” he added.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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