Regional Report: Residents rejoice over completion of culverts on Navrongo-Kologo road

Tue, 15 Jun 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Upper East

Five culverts which were being constructed on the 21Km Navrongo-Kologo major road to tackle the perennial flooding at Awinchokum, have been completed.

In all, two double 1.2-meter culverts, 1.2-meter single culvert, 1.2-metre 6/16 culvert and a 0.9-metre single culvert, have been constructed.

Construction of the culverts began in March last year by Plans Construction Limited. The completion of the project has come with great relief for residents and road users especially with the onset of the rains.

Previously, travelling on the road at the peak of the wet season was always impossible as portions of it at Awinchokum got flooded whenever it rained.

The age-long challenge did not only put the lives of road users at risk but also affected their socio-economic activities. Several farms of rice and other crops were submerged by the floods leading to loss of food.

The services of Teachers, Nurses and other government workers posted to the areas were affected during those times.

GhanaWeb’s Upper East Correspondent, Senyalah Castro, who has continuously reported on the bad nature of the road and the rain-related havoc on that stretch, visited the portion ahead of the heavy rains and reports that the newly constructed culverts have been filled and compacted to formation level and opened to road users.

He further reported that there has been a reconstruction of inlets and outlets of the river channels by the constructor and the deepening and enlargement of same to prevent an overflow in the event of heavy rains.

Residents are happy the culverts have been completed. Speaking to GhanaWeb, they noted that the completion has brought relief adding that this would put a stop to the yearly flooding of the road which made travelling impossible.

They are also hopeful the intervention would bring an end to the flooding of farms at Awinchokum.

A resident who identified himself as only Kofi said, “now it even makes the road look nice. Look at how nice and comfortable it is now when using it. The way it has been constructed I am not sure when the rain falls it will flood the road again”.

Residents however appealed to the government to quicken efforts in the construction of the road to complement the culvert.

Project Manager at Plans Construction Limited, Menkah Ofori Obed, in an interview described the entire construction process as good owing to the support the company received from the chief and people of Kologo.

While urging the people to continue to offer support toward the development of the area, he said work on the road would soon begin.

“The construction of the bridge has been good since we started somewhere in March. The people of Kologo, the chief and traditional leaders have been very helpful. That river is a god and is still a god as believed by the people and so we needed to perform some rituals which we obliged and the chiefs and his people supported us. That is their tradition and that was what the people demanded of us. We needed to redirect the river which is not easy so we had several dialogues and they understood. The people have been very helpful to us,” he told GhanaWeb.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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