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Relocate National Cathedral from Accra - Rev Opoku

The Leader and Founder of In him is Life Church International, Reverend Isaac Opoku, has urged the government to change the location of the proposed National Cathedral from Accra since it is not based on any prophetic direction from God.

According to him, the location of the National Cathedral in the capital would only add up to the hectic vehicular traffic situation in the capital.

He has, therefore, suggested that the cathedral could be located anywhere outside the national capital.

He said the proposed location of the cathedral would also come with additional cost on government as bungalows of some judges who are currently living in the area would be demolished to pave the way for the national cathedral.

Rev. Opoku, who was speaking in an interview with The Mirror last Sunday in Accra, said: “The money that will be spent on building new bungalows for the judges or to relocate them could even build the cathedral itself.”

According to him, the country is not financially sound to overburden itself with such expenditure, considering the current financial situation.

He was also of the view that since the cathedral could only contain 5,000 people, the country could hold on in the meantime and used the Independence Square for now so that when “it has the strength to build a bigger capacity, it could do so.”

“The Independence Square can take more than 5,000 people so I don’t see the need to build a national cathedral that has less capacity than the Independence Square,” Rev. Opoku said.

He said although the government had stated that the building would not be financed by it and would only play a facilitation role, the Christian Council and other Christian bodies had no financial strength to undertake such a project.

Rev. Opoku said since many churches in the country had their own worship centres, government could use such existing places for national events instead of spending the limited national resources on the proposed cathedral.


The national cathedral is a planned interdenominational Christian cathedral scheduled to be built in Accra as part of Ghana's 60th-anniversary celebrations.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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