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Residents of Kassana, Tanvieli call on govt to reconstruct abandoned bridge

Correspondence from Upper West Region

Residents of Kassana and Tanvieli community in the Sissala East Constituency have called on the government to reconstruct their bridge with immediate effect.

According to the residents, the state of the bridge has been a headache to them due to the inconveniences it creates for them.

Residents say during rainy seasons, the situation is worsened, adding that almost all their activities including farming come to a standstill as soon as the rain sets in.

In an interview with an opinion leader of Kassana, Anas Salifu, he told GhanaWeb's Upper West Regional Correspondent that the government which started the reconstructing of the bridge in 2012 abandoned the project.

Consequently, according to Anas "it gives many problems to those farming and (school) children coming from Tanvieli to Kassana and even travellers".

Adding "When there is heavy rainfall, children can't go to school and those people coming from Kassan to Tanvieli too cannot cross."

Also, checks by GhanaWeb reveal that the bridge has almost lost its shape as it keeps deteriorating.

Residents are always scared whenever they are crossing to either communities or their farms because of the current state of the bridge.

In an interview with the Member of Parliament of the Constituency, Issahaku Amidu Chinnia, he told GhanaWeb that he has been working to "unravel" details concerning its state for further measures to be taken to reconstruct the bridge.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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