Sports News Fri, 5 Jan 2018

Retirement of sports men and women very worrying - Doctor

A rehabilitation medical doctor has expressed concern about how sports men and women in Ghana and Africa are not able to continue their various sporting activities for long.

Dr. Kweku Laast of Care One Rehab said sports men and women should take their injuries while embarking on their various activities seriously to enable them live long even after their retirements.

Dr. Laast expressed the concerns at the launch of the ICONSPT 2018 Conference scheduled to take place in Accra from 2nd to 3rd March 2018.

ICONSPT 2018 aims to provide advanced post-professional clinical training for health professionals who are bone setters, Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Physiotherapist, General Herbalist Practitioners, massage therapists, with an emphasis on evidence-based research applications, progressive and comprehensive clinical practice.

It is also to upgrade participants practically through modern research applications to advance clinical practice and improve outcomes, for professionals, and provision of high-quality services to improve the health and wellness of our community at large.

Participants will have the skills, passion, and knowledge to become leaders, clinical experts, and practitioners of choice in areas of study (physical therapy).

Subject that would be treated include injury rehabilitation, orthopedics/spine/lower back, rehabilitation, sports and fitness injury strategies and high intensity training. The rest are cross fit, footwear and bare foot training, injury prevention, Olympic lifting and training and running injuries training.

Dr. Laast said “sports men and women must be given a second treatment when they are active or on retirement because sometimes, they live with depression so there is the need for capacity building for such people”.

The Deputy Director-General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Saka Acquaye, who represented the Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, noted that there are 43 different sporting disciplines in the and all of them need such capacity buildings to boast their participations.

“There are 43-sporten associations in the country and we shall write to all of them to at least, bring two people for this training”, he promised.

The Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Henry Joel explained that the “health plays a vital role for any individual on this earth. Nothing can be good, if the health is not good”.

“Healthy and physically fit person can enjoy their lives more beautifully and sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation are the subject which deals with all the health and physical related conditions of the athletes”, Mr. Joel explained.

He said “that is why ICONSPT 2018 Conference is the most precious event which is directly related to health and wellness, not only for the sports person/athletes, but also for the people who struggle in life. This is because, most of the diseases and disorders which are directly or indirectly related to the physical health and condition, ICONSPT is a towering forum which is related to sports, physical therapy and rehabilitation”.

Mr. Joel said “there is always lack of applied modern sports and physical therapy research in most African countries which impedes the rehabilitation and slow recovery rate of injured athletes as well as the very slow development of sports and weakens the performance level of athletes or sports men and women”.

Facilitators of the ICONSPT 2018 Conference are world renowned sports professors and doctors such as Prof Tyler Cuddeford who is a Professor of Sports/Orthopedics/Physical therapy and Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Programme at the George Fox University, USA, Prof Jeff Houck who is the Director of Research, Professor of Physical Therapy-George Fox University USA and Dr. C.J. Zita, is a Physiotherapist at Providence St. Mary’s Medical Center in Washington, USA and Dr. Ryan Mackenzie, expertise in sports and rehabilitation, injury prevention and coaching.
Source: Timothy Antwi-Otoo