Rev Obofour ‘fights’ Ghanaian pastors

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Tue, 25 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Rev Obofour bemoans ‘power-drunk’ nature of most Ghanaian pastors

Rev Obofour blames Christian doctrines for rise in societal ills in Ghana

Rev Obofour condemns marriage procedure in most churches

General Overseer of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Isaac Obofour, has bemoaned how churches in the country have been given so much power and authority to operate.

Rev. Obofour established that pastors have been given ultimate rights in the country to the extent they make decisions and run the lives of most individuals in the country.

Citing an example, Rev. Obofour said it is the case that pastors ‘play god’ in the lives of couples and ‘would-be couples’ in the country.

He finds it worrying how pastors would prevent families from doing the needed investigations and preparations for prospective couples and rather ask them to attend three months counselling.

Rev Obofour said by so-doing, pastors assume the roles of families and disrespect them.

He added that the indoctrinated nature of most churches is the cause of most societal ills in the country.

“Families in Ghana are weak because a pastor has no right to involve himself with marriage issues. No pastor has the right to do that. When churches emerged, they managed to secure the right to certain things. If a man marries a woman with his own money, you don’t need a pastor to make some decisions for you. Some doctrines of certain churches have amounted to the increase in prostitution and other social vices. The doctrines of some churches are the main reason why things don’t go on well. Someone has planned to get married.

“The right thing to do is to schedule a lab test, ask whether they have seen both parents or even studied both families. But no, the church takes over and instead asks them to come for three months of counseling. It is the case that when the church schedules a date and there’s an event on that particular date, it will be postponed. In such situations, you’re trying to act like their families are fools. The church is the reason why dollars are not stable in the country,” he stated in a viral video.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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