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Sad story of little Hanan Nurideen, a 6-year-old physically challenged orphan

Correspondence from the Northern Region:

A six-year-old physically challenged orphan, Hanan Nurideen, is in need of support as he struggles through life with his grandparents in the Balshie community in the Nanton District of the Northern Region.

Little Hanan lost his father at a tender age. His mother remarried and left him in the care of his grandparents at a farming community in the Nanton District.

Hanan's woes begun after he was involved in an accident on his way to school. This resulted in a broken leg and subsequently an amputation of the injured leg.

Narrating what led to the amputation, Hanan's grandfather, Suleimana Adam, told GhanaWeb in an interview that he took Hanan to a traditional healer for treatment after the accident.

Suleiman said on the third day, when they returned to the local healer for examination and further treatment, they found out that the affected leg had turned black raising some concerns.

According to the boy's grandfather, he sought the consent of the traditional healer to send Hanan to the hospital for medical treatment which he agreed.

At the hospital, the doctor got furious when he saw the state of Hanan's leg, and questioned why the family delayed in bringing him to the hospital.

Suleimana added that after examining the situation, the doctor informed him that his grandson's leg was rotten, thus, the only way to save the boy's life was to amputate the leg.

He said he initially was hesitant but was advised to allow the doctors to carry on with the operation.

According to him, he was charged 1,000 cedis for the operation and the hospital insisted he paid in full before the operation could be done but he was only able to raise half of the money initially.

Suleiman said although it was tough getting the money, he finally got the help needed to save his grandson's life.

Meanwhile, Hanan's grandparents are unable to adequately cater for themselves and their grandchild who now depends on crutches to move around.

“The problems we are facing are overwhelming and you never could tell, Hanan could become a great man tomorrow but I'm also limited to what I can do for him." Hanan's grandfather said.

He said the boy's condition has been a nightmare, adding that it is their wish the boy goes back to school to become someone useful in the future and look after them too.

Hanan's grandfather said they would not mind if someone offers to adopt the child and take proper care of him so he can have a good education.

Little Hanan's grandparents called on philanthropists, and NGOs to come to their aid and help them support little Hanan's education.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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