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Salary or not, we'll fight to the hilt – CETAG says despite August salary freeze

CETAG CETAG has been on strike since the beginning of August

Thu, 31 Aug 2023 Source:

Tutors in the 46 Colleges of Education across the country, did not have their accounts credited with their August salary as earlier directed by the Education Minister.

Dr Yaw Adutwum, through the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), ordered the Controller and Accountant General (CAGD) to withhold the August wages of the striking tutors.

A notice signed by the Director of Administration, Mr Saaka Sayuti, said: "We write, at the instance of the Honourable Minister of Education, requesting you NOT to pay monthly salary and allowances for the month of August 2023 to the Teaching Staff of all 46 Colleges of Education".

The notice, on the other hand, ordered the Controller and Accountant General to validate and pay the arrears owed to CETAG before August 2023.

Members of CETAG who, therefore, did not have their accounts credited as of Wednesday, 30 August 2023, have been reacting to the non-payment

Some of them told Class News the effect of the salary freeze is a dire one.

According to the members, they are on a “legal strike”, therefore, the non-payment of salary is uncalled for.

“Some of my colleagues, who have insurance, have surrendered their insurance, taking their money, they have to go for partial withdrawals here and there, but it shouldn’t be because we’re on a legal strike, so, we didn’t expect a freeze of salaries".

“It has really, really affected us, because there are a lot of unions who have gone on strike and the NLC declared it as illegal but at the end of the month, they get their salaries and, so, we’re going through a lot of pain because you don’t know where the next meal is coming from,” a member of CETAG stated.

Another member noted: “Our August salary has had a very ripple effect on most of us. You know that the salary itself is meagre, it’s nothing to write home about and, so, not receiving it has worsened the case. Families have been affected, our daily meals have been taken away".

He, however, indicated that despite the difficult times, members will stand by their decision not to return to the classroom until their demands are met.

“We are not perturbed. Inasmuch as we have been affected by we not receiving our August salary, the right thing must be done and we stand for it. Even if they decide not to pay us at all, we’ll also never ever change our minds of going back to teach,” the CETAG member stressed.

The members of CETAG also indicated that the government cannot dwell on the freezing of their salaries to compel them to go back to the classrooms.

“They should know that the students are rather going to suffer and they want to produce future leaders best teachers so if you think doing this will not have any negative impact on the students then they should sit down they should tighten their belts very well because we are ready to fight till we get the last drop of what we’re supposed to get,” another member of CETAG added.

CETAG has been on strike since the beginning of August.

The group is demanding the implementation of a negotiated conditions of service.

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