General News Mon, 4 Sep 2017

Salt industry has lots of potentials for Ghana - Kwame Jantuah

Vice Chairman of the Public Interest Accountability Committee (PIAC), Kwame Jantuah has observed that the salt industry in the coastal belt of the country can generate a huge employment and income opportunities for the people.

He stressed the need for government to adequately develop the sector into a giant and vibrant industry for the benefit of Ghanaians.

Vice Chairman of PIAC, Kwame Jantuah told Joy News in an interview during a tour to monitor projects funded from the oil revenue by the Public interest and accountability committee [PIAC]and the Institute of financial and economic journalists [IFEJ]that government and Ghanaians must help change the salt industry into a more beneficial sector for the people and the country at large.

“Ghana has one of the best natural salt deposits across the globe alongside Senegal, another country in the West African sub-region, “he said.


Ada Songor and the Keta Lagoon basins with their several communities have rich natural salt deposits that have become another gold mine for the thousands of residents who largely depend on this resource for their very survival.

Unfortunately, salt exploration and production have not been given the needed boost over the years in order to generate the needed revenue and employment opportunities for the people.

“It is sad salt exploration have not been given the needed attention over years to give the needed revenue and employment for the youths” Mr Jantuah lamented

Source: Myjoyonline.com