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Samartex MD addresses legal issues raised by Olympics after Annor Walker appointment

Richard Nsenkyere, the managing director of newly promoted Premier League side Samartex 1996, has insisted that his side did not violate any law by appointing former Great Olympics coach Annor Walker.

Following Walker's appointment as Samartex coach, Olympics chief executive officer Oluboi Commodore claimed that the manager had breached a contract by signing with another club.

Nsenkyere told Kumasi-based Sompa FM that if there is any litigation, it will be handled by Walker's entourage rather than Samartex.

"We have signed him for two years. We even announced it two days ago. Coach Annor Walker is our coach. He has appended his signature and I'm sure if there is any litigation, his lawyers will work on it. So far as I know he is my coach."

According to Oluboi, Walker before signing for Samartex had a contract with Olympics that was due to run out in October 2022.

“We wanted him to renew and we were ready to offer him a contract. I think he has deceived us and breached his contract. We still have a contract with him. He signed a year contract with us in October. He took signing on fees. What he did is not appropriate. We know he can join any club of his choice after his contract," he told Happy FM.

“He came to me that he wanted to renew. He assured me. I allowed him to coach a Premier League team as a head coach. He even told the Board Chairman that he won’t go anywhere," he added.

The CEO further stated that the Black Galaxies trainer has not only breached the contract but also deceived the Dade club.

“The terms of the contract must be respected and it is in his contract that he cannot do any football activities with any club. He has deceived us and also breached his contract," he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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