#SayItLoud: Ghanaians in Girona accuse embassy of refusing to process passports

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Wed, 6 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• The Girona residents were bussed to the venue of the consulate to participate in the passport processing exercise

• The group comprised of children, pregnant women and elderly people

• The group alleges that despite submitting their names to the organisers of the exercise, they were not attended to

About 28 Ghanaians living in Girona, Catalonia province of Spain and environs have alleged they have been victimised and left stranded after their passports were declined processing by the Ghana Madrid consulate.

According to the group which comprises of Ghana Union Association, Girona chapter, there was a fallout between other members, leading to a division.

A new union association was formulated after several disagreements and elections to select leaders of another executive body.

The old executive body, presided by Godfred Toboh, Comfort Oppong, Prince Boadu among others were relegated in the background following the division.

An announcement by Ghana’s Mission in Spain about Consular Clinics assisting Ghanaians with their Ghanaian passport application processing was to take place on September 4.

Addressing the issues on #SayItLoud, spokesperson of the group, Emmanuel Asiedu noted that Consul, Seth Odame, asked the group to submit the list of Ghanaians who wanted to participate in the exercise to the organisers of the clinic.

Sharing their plight, the president of the group Godfred Tobu alleged that after they submitted the list to the organisers, they travelled to Martorell to participate, only to be ignored completely.

“…we reached there around 7.30 in the morning… Our names weren’t being mentioned... we stood there till in the afternoon around 2 pm [sic]... there were babies and elderly people among us.

“All efforts to talk to Daniel(the organiser) were unsuccessful… Daniel became mum.. the situation was very bad…” he narrated to Laud Harris Adu-Asare.

Watch the full account by some of the Ghanaians who were turned away without processing their passport on #SayItLoud:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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