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#SayItLoud: Why women stay in abusive marriages? - Murdered Lilian's cousin speaks

Violence in relationships has been a huge subject of concern and worry in Ghana for years.

People have suffered various forms of abuse in the name of commitment to marriages and in some cases relationships, some of which have led to death and life-maiming injuries.

Statistics have proven that women are bigger victims, but in a few instances, men have had cause to speak about their dilemmas with their violent wives.

Some report these cases to institutions like the Domestic Violence & Victim Support Unit – DOVVSU, The Ghana Police Service, among others, but in most cases, the harm would usually have been done.

So why do people stay in abusive relationships?

A recent case that has stirred huge anger is that of Lilian Dedjoe who allegedly was abused until she was finally murdered by her husband.

We spoke to her cousin about the subject and everything else regarding abuse.

Watch Yvonne Damalie on this edition of #SayItLoud airing on GhanaWeb TV on Tuesday, March 23, 2021:

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