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Security officials of this regime tortured me - Barker-Vormawor alleges

Oliver Barker Vormawor Lawyer Lecturer Convenor of the #Fixthecountry movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor

Tue, 12 Apr 2022 Source:

Barker-Vormawor says living conditions in jail are inhuman

#Fixthecountry not interest in inciting the public – Convenor

Police never offered me food, while I was in prison - Barker-Vormawor

Convenor of the #Fixthecountry movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, has alleged that he was tortured by security officials after his arrest for comments he made about organising a military overtake in Ghana.

The convenor of the #Fixthecountry bemoaned the condition of living in the prison he was detained together with more than 20 other prisoners.

“On Friday, 11 February 2022, I was unlawfully detained by security officials of this regime, tortured, and subsequently held without just cause for 35 days,” reports.

He added that he was detained for 35 days in a jail cell that was “designed for four people but ultimately filled with nearly 30 detainees … without ventilation and had bed bugs, cockroaches and rats crawling.”

Also, Barker-Vormawor stated that the #Fixthecountry movement was a democratic social movement and will not engage in activities that will threaten the security of Ghana, saying “#Fixthecountry abides by the law and it will forever abide by the tenets of democracy.”

After the #Fixthecountry was granted bail, he said that Ghana Police Service never offered him food while he was in prison.

He added that for all the 35 days he was there, he had to rely on his family and friends to get food to eat.

“… it’s inhuman as far as I’m concerned for people to go these number of days without food through no choice of their own and that’s why we are here. I met people who had not eaten for five days, but when I complained about it, I was told by the Police that the people there are used to it,” he added.

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