Sexist but wealthy: Why Kennedy Agyapong is Ghana's version of Donald Trump

Trump Kennedy Goal Kennedy Agyapong and former US President, Donald Trump

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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The annals of political history are no stranger to mavericks and bohemian leaders whose modus operandi is at odds with regular practice. At the local and global levels, there are politicians who are downright unorthodox.

In the 21st century, references could be made to the Kim Jon-Uns of North Korea and the Volodymr Zelenskis (Ukraine president) of this world. These are leaders whose ways and operations are mostly at variance with the conventional practises of the positions they wield.

The United States is still dealing with a maverick who upset odds to win an election in 2016 and brought significant, albeit controversial changes to running the coveted United States presidency.

Donald Trump was an outlier whose rise to the powerful seat in the world was not predicted as the regular metrics for measuring the calibre of persons capable of assuming such a position were against him.

In Ghana, another maverick seems to be rearing his head with the 2024 elections fast approaching.

Kennedy Agyapong, the lawmaker cum business mogul, who at best is a lite version of the former US President, is a man cast in the mould of Donald Trump, and is reported to be lacing his boots to contest the primaries for the New Patriotic Party, NPP.

Just like Trump, the chances of Kennedy Agyapong winning the internal party elections and winning the general polls have been discounted by many.

When Trump announced his decision to run for the presidency of the United States of America in 2016, there were many who brushed him off with ease due to obvious reasons.

His announcement, though not surprising as he had in previous years flirted with the idea, pricked no one because the thought of someone with such history running the world’s most powerful country seemed not to be only impossible, but very weird.

Donald Trump’s misogynistic stories were well-documented with dozens of women opening up about their encounters with him.

In the press, his effusions against people of the opposite sex did not sound new to anyone who heard them. For most people, Trump typified sexism and misogynism.

Trump was not a friend of the press either. Despite being a reality TV star, Donald Trump had a penchant for clashing with the press.

On both traditional and social media platforms, Donald Trump's attack on the press and media men was well-known with the pro-Republican media platforms like Fox catching some heat.

Trump was seen as an egoistic braggart whose history and personality made him unfit for the high office of US President. The billionaire also carved a reputation for putting his wealth in the faces of people and denigrating people of color and poor people.

These frailties of Trump which made him seem like an unfit person for the presidency apply to Kennedy Agyapong too.

Kennedy Agyapong has been called out on a number of occasions for making statements which revealed his sexist and misogynistic tendencies.

His attack on former Electoral Commission Chairperson, Charlotte Osei, and verbal bouts with Mzbel and Tracey Boakye brought to light that aspect of Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy Agyapong, who uses media platforms to settle his scores with people, does not pass on an opportunity to attack that very institution.

His reprehensible campaign against Anas Aremeyaw Anas which resulted in the gruesome killing of Ahmed Hussein Suale is viewed by media experts as one of the biggest attacks on the Ghanaian media. Kennedy has had issues with almost every Ghanaian media platform including his very own Oman FM and Net 2 TV.

Kennedy Agyapong, like Donald Trump, does not shy away from boasting about and flaunting his wealth. The man says he dreams of ‘money and litigation’.

His guiding principles mean that irrespective of the issues, once he feels he has accumulated more wealth than you, your opinion is secondary to his. Emboldened by these ill-informed thoughts, Kennedy Agyapong has literally attacked almost any key person in the country including members of his own party.

From members of the judiciary to his colleague MPs, Kennedy Agyapong's unrestrained vitriolic have reached almost every quarter in the country.

But for Trump and Agyapong, in all their misogynism, their consistent attacks on the media and their opulent lifestyles are some strengths that swung the 2016 elections of the United States in Trump’s favour and could do same for Kennedy Agyapong if he eventually decides to contest.

A secret to Trump’s success was that his unconventional and controversial speeches which were described as racist, anti-immigrant and disrespectful appealed largely to his base - the core white Americans.

Trump was popular on the ground and his policies were welcomed greatly by the commoners who identified with his message that focused largely on job creation and ‘Making America Great Again.’

Kennedy Agyapong, like Trump is popular on the ground. He is viewed as someone who though is in the system, is not part of the system.

His usual forceful statements endear him to the public who would want to give him a chance at the presidency to bring about the reforms he has been propagating in the media space.

Another factor that links both Ken and Trump together is that they have access to funds.

Both are wealthy men who have the funds to back their campaigns. Kennedy Agyapong has a fleet of businesses and partners and would not have issues raising money to back his campaign.

Trump’s campaign focused largely on creating the enabling environment for businesses to thrive and this appealed to the business community and that worked in his favour.

Kennedy Agyapong has the same background. With his connections in the business sector, Kennedy Agyapong could rally his business colleagues to help bankroll his campaign at the intra-party and the national level, while his eyes are firmly fixed on the Jubilee House, and with that, offer him a chance to develop the country.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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