‘Shatta Wale changed and monetised Ghanaian music’ - Blakk Rasta

Shatta Wale And Blakk Rasta Blakk Rasta praises Shatta Wale

Tue, 25 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Blakk Rasta praises Shatta Wale

Blakk Rasta says Shatta Wale enlightened artistes to monetise their songs

Blakk Rasta calls Shatta Wale a junkie

Ghanaian reggae artiste cum presenter, Abubakar Ahmed, popularly known as Blakk Rasta, has praised Shatta Wale for opening the eyes of artistes to earn revenue from their music.

According to the reggae artiste, many artistes were just content in releasing only hit singles.

“A lot of Ghanaian artistes were just satisfied making hit songs and basking in the glory until Shatta Wale taught us to demand our financial worth too. Graçias,” he said.

He shared this on January 21, 2022, in a Facebook post.

Some social media users have described Blakk Rasta's post as a reconciliatory comment.

Blakk Rasta had earlier called Shatta Wale a ‘junkie’ who was leading the youth astray.

One can recall that during the arrest of Shatta Wale over his shooting prank, the outspoken radio presenter accused him of abusing drugs.

“Junkie means someone who uses drugs and cannot stop. Normally, that’s the word we use for such people. But u can be a junkie of music or can be a junkie of work.

"But generally is for someone who uses drugs and cannot stop. I believe he (Shatta Wale) came out to say that he has stopped smoking. And just last month, if you watch the 1Don video, he was smoking. I don’t what he was smoking … he claimed he has stopped, but now he’s back to it.

“Which means it is something he couldn’t stop himself from doing. So he is a junkie of that thing. Someone, who claims he is 37 years. If you look closely at him, he looks like somebody who is 89 years. If it’s not true, tell me. Look at his face. I know because I have seen your (Shatta Wale) birth certificate and passport that says you (Shatta Wale) are 41 years as it stands right now,” Blakk Rasta stated during an interview with Media General’s Akoma FM.

View Shatta Wale's Timepath below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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