Shatta Wale reacts to Asantewaa’s claim that without Tiktokers, musicians cannot get hit songs

Shatta Wale Cigar Shatta Wale

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Asantewaa suggests Tiktokers are essential in song promotion

Tiktoker labeled arrogant, asked to humble herself

Shatta Wale defends Asantewaa, says she never lied in recent interview

Asantewaa’s statement that songs will not trend no matter the prowess of a musician unless Tiktok stars, including herself, are engaged for promotion may have caused upset in the industry considering the rebuttals but she has had Shatta Wale jump to her defence.

The Dancehall musician has described Asantewaa’s comment as “the bitter truth” in a tweet on June 23, 2022, sighted by GhanaWeb, as he shared a photograph of the Tiktok star and a screenshot of the story as carried by a news portal.

Sounding confident and braggadocious, Asantewaa during a discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz said Tiktok stars now hold the key to songs becoming hits. Without mincing words, she said: “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve played your music game. Nowadays, after dropping your song, you have to bring it to us, otherwise, you will sing the song to yourself.”

Her statement was met with opposition as many retorted that her comment smacks of pomposity. Some were livid and demanded she apologized to musicians for belittling their mettle considering that songs became monster hits even before the emergence of Tiktok.

Others, however, saw her statement as a marketing tool rather than a calculated attempt to spite musicians. They argued that many products have through advertisements projected themselves as second to none, stressing that Asantewaa sought to project Tiktokers as such.

Meanwhile, Asantewaa has said she was misquoted.

"I think people are misquoting me... if you listen to the video very well, we were all having fun but the way people have...a lot goes into writing music.

"I am not a musician, I cannot sing, I can't even feature so if am talking about promotion, am not saying you are not good as a musician because people have known songs without the App. When did TikTok come? It was just some few years ago...people got to know songs without it," she mentioned in a video on Pulse Ghana while rendering an apology.

"So, you guys we can’t play again? I am sorry if anybody felt I was talking against them but we were all happy and having fun. I am so surprised it is just Asantewaa's name that is just coming out because Wesley was on the show, Jackie, and there were all laughing. You can go back and play the video again. It wasn't intentional to hurt anybody's feelings," she further explained.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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