Opinions Sun, 16 Jun 2013

Shit-bombing Oneself

Under pressure, one is prone to many anomalies. To the extent that one is untruthful with one’s own submissions leaves the doors ajar for bombardment of all sorts, even SHIT!!!

To witness Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan (opanyin ONFERI), sit in the dock, under oath, and, actually, spew all manner of inconsistent and prejudiced statements, to no one’s detriment other than himself and the beneficiary of his blunders, is petrifying, to say the least, and when under mounting pressure was caught red handed in his attempt to bamboozle the nation, he just had to let his bowels flow.


It was quite unflattering of him to subject the Honourable Justices of the Supreme Court to such malicious and unhealthy releases into the air that could have been nearly fatal as “CHERNOBYL” but for their quick retirement to chambers. I would have expected that elders like Dr. Afari Gyan would do well to exhibit the wisdom that comes with age, after all, what more could he anticipate other than mollycoddle and respect at this leeway of life? All he must do is to admit to the irregularities, malpractices and omissions and be free because he is under obligatory security by the State.

I say to elder Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan, “just tell the truth, be Godly and fatherly, for legacies are strengthened with actions of the end than of the beginning. The honour with which you exit is fundamental in the judgment that posterity would make of you and the earlier you do our Nation the honour of admission of your seeming guilt the quicker forgiveness and amnesty will come knocking at your door. The onus lies on you to determine whether you want to be remembered like a flowered and fragrant garden or a despicable swamp with putrid vegetation. The “TRUTH” and only the “TRUTH” shall set “YOU” free”!!!

Columnist: Fadi, Citizen