Skopatomana challenge: Customs officers release ‘jama’ version

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Fri, 10 May 2019 Source: abcnewsgh.com

For weeks now social media has been flooded with several videos of people attempting to sing the lines of ‘one corner’ hit singer, Patapaa in a new song he featured in.

Patapaa’s portion of the song went viral after several people released their own versions of the rap.

In a new video trending on social media and sighted by ABC News Ghana, some personnel of the Ghana Customs Service were seen singing Patapaa's rap verse 'Skopatumana'.

The customs officers known for their morale lifting songs did a rendition of 'Skopatumana' in a 'jama' form.

In the video, one can hear a voice, presumably one of a female leading with the others repeating whatever she says.

The song came to be known as ‘Skopatomana’ as that was the most audible word heard in his verse.

Watch the jama version of Skopatomana below.

Here are other versions released by fans of Patapaa on social media.

Source: abcnewsgh.com
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