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Social distancing at #Fixthecountry demo was never going to be possible – Police

The Greater Accra Region Police Public Relations, ASP Afia Tenge, has said the #fixthecountry demonstrators were unable to practice social distancing because it was not possible for them to do so.

According to her, gatherings of such magnitude do not make it a reality for people to practice social distancing.

She told TV3 after the demonstration on Wednesday, August 4 that “It has been peaceful, the Police were able to guard them through the approved routes and also protect the demonstrators and also the communities that they walked through. Generally, we can say it has been peaceful.”

Regarding the Covid protocols, she said, “Initially, we realized that most of them were not wearing the nose mask and so we had to force the, to wear it. Those who did not have were made to purchase one and secondly those who had theirs in their pockets they were directed to wear them. That aspect we can’t have it completely as we expect but it was ok. Regarding social distancing, that has been one of our bane because we know that there is no way people will gather such a magnitude and still observe what we call social distancing.”

Hundreds of Ghanaians joined the fixthcountry demonstration in Accra to demand better conditions of service from the leaders.

Dozens begun the protest march from the Obra Spot.

Most of the protesters were in red with a few draped in the colours of the national flag.

From the Obra Spot, the protesters used the Farisco Traffic Light road at Adabraka through the TUC-Kinbu road and then ended up at the Black Stars Squar

Leader of the Economic Fighters league, Ernesto Yeboah, said that the 1992 constitution is problematic.

He said the document is a tool used to rig and steal from the people of Ghana.

Ernesto Yeboah said these when he was speaking in an interview with TV3’s Komla Adom after the #Fixthecountry demonstration

He said “We are re-giving birth to Ghana. This is a reborn of Ghana everybody here has answered to the roll call and that is precisely what is happening."

“We are ready to build a new and independent nation, we are ready to commit ourselves to new ways,” he said.

He further accused political leadership of ripping off the nation through constitutional leadership.

“That is why they are stealing and ripping us in brads daylight under the guise of the constitutional leadership. What we have is not a Constitution, it is a notebook for stealing and rigging and plundering the state.”

“Recently, we saw what Article 71 office holders did and we also saw what the same group of people have done for workers in this country in terms of increment in salaries, 4%. So there must be an awakening.”
Source: 3news.com
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