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Speed up action in investing in renewable energy - Ambassador of the Netherlands to govt

Development partners have urged the government to speed the action on investment in renewable energy.

The country has also been asked to change its energy mix and focus on wind and solar energy.

Mr. Jeroen Verheul, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ghana, says his country was prepared to assist Ghana in that regard.

He was speaking at a public event on renewable energy.

He noted that it was important for Ghana to take these steps and encourage private and private partnerships in that regard.

He asserted that “we have a joint challenge and a joint assignment to reduce the emission of climate change causing gases, greenhouse gases and that we have to collaborate together.”

According to him, it should not just be about collaborations between countries but collaborations between different segments of society. It’s public and private collaborations.

He said the Netherlands is mainly focusing on promoting public and private corporations to turn energy and electricity generations into something which does not contribute to pollution.

“So we focus on enhancing the use of renewable energy like hydropower, like solar, like the wind in order to generate electricity. And we try to promote also that in Ghana, the energy mix, the amount and contribution of renewable energy in producing electricity is enhanced because, at the moment, it is only 30%.

"Mainly hydropower, 70% of Ghana’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels and the plea that I made this morning was to see if Ghana could change its energy mix and enhance its contribution of renewable energies and that is mainly solar and wind in the electricity generation…The Netherlands would be very happy to support that effort,” he concluded.

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