General News Tue, 1 Feb 2000

Spiritualist, accomplice on fraud, rape charges

By Mary Mensah

A SPIRITUALIST and his accomplice who allegedly conspired to defraud, rape and blackmail a desperate Accra business woman in need of an offspring are helping the Police Striking Force Unit in their investigations.

Kad-Aflana Mohammed, 51, the spiritualist who resides at Ashaiman and Gariba Ibrahim also 51 of Nima, were arrested following a report made to that effect by the woman who insists that she has been duped to the tune of $15,000 .

Narrating her ordeal to the Graphic in Accra yesterday, the woman said she was divorced by her husband after experiencing several miscarriages in her marriage.

She said after consulting several gynaecologists without any success she narrated her problem to Gariba, who she had known for sometime.


She said, she told Gariba that someone wants to marry her but since she had problems with pregnancies, she wanted an expert to cure her so that the second marriage would not suffer a similar fate.

She said Gariba then informed her that her problem is spiritual and he knew a spiritualist at Ashaiman who could help her conceive.

According to her, initially she refused to see any spiritualist but Gariba managed to convince her that the man has helped several women with similar cases so last October, he took her to meet the spiritualist at his house at Ashaiman.

Unknown to her Gariba had conspired with the spiritualist and had provided him with information about her and she was baffled when the man told her the problems she had gone through for the past year and assured her that all her problems would be solved.

He then informed her that the problem is spiritual and they needed to go to the spirit world to pacify the spirits to enable her to conceive and that a cow, a ram, a goat, fowls and other items would be needed to perform certain rituals.


She said as the time limit for the provision of the items was short, the spiritualist asked her to convert everything into dollars which she did and she was asked to remove all her clothes for him to bath her with some herbs.

After the bath, the spiritualist said the spirits needed a naked picture of her to enable them work properly on her so he took a picture of her and asked her to go home and come back the following day.

The following day the spiritualist informed her that there were doctors, engineers, nurses and all other professionals in the spirit world and they needed to go there together to consult a doctor.

She was asked to cover her face and lie down on the floor after which the spiritualist started reciting some incantations and the supposed spirits started speaking in English and he asked the woman to translate it into Hausa to him since he does not understand the English language.

The supposed spirits then demanded a set of jewellery valued at $7,000 from the woman and she was asked by the spirit to provide a TV set, deck and mobile phone to the spiritualist which she did.


She said the spirits would call her on her phone and demand money in dollars to enable them bring the children to her. At a stage, she was directed by the spirits to go to the house of the spiritualist at 12 midnight for certain rituals.

The spiritualist then asked her to sell her house and bring the money to be deposited in a spiritual bank before she could conceive. She said she complied with this and put a for sale notice in front of the house.

Afterwards, she was asked to undress, lie on the floor and her face was covered to enable the spiritual doctor wash her womb, during which she was not to remove the cover from her face.

She said at this stage she realised that somebody was making love to her and she managed to lift the cloth from her face only to see the spiritualist on top of her and he pleaded with her to forgive him.

It was then she realised that the two were out to defraud her so she refused to part with any more money and they started blackmailing her with the nude picture, demanding $10,000 or else they will have it published in one of the newspapers.

She then reported her ordeal to the police and the two were subsequently arrested and the set of jewellery, retrieved from the spiritualist.

When contacted, the Commander of the Striking Force Unit, DSP Kofi Boakye, confirmed the incident and called on members of the public, especially women, to be wary of spiritualists who take advantage of their vulnerability to dupe them.

The suspects are expected to be arraigned before court today.

Source: Graphic