Stonebwoy’s 'Le gba gbe’ made me very emotional – Anne Sophie

Anne Sophie Ave 32.png France Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave

Sat, 6 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

France Ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie Ave, has disclosed that the song “le gba gbe” by Ghanaian artiste Stonebwoy is one of the songs that made her very emotional.

The song which literally means "alive" was released by Stonebwoy in 2020.

She stated that her stay in Ghana has been an amazing one characterized by the good music Ghanaian artistes produce.

“There’s one song that made me very very emotional is Le gba gbe by Stonebwoy. When I was in Vume in the Volta Region in the middle of the mountains, they played it and the the French National anthem, which made me very emotional,” she disclosed in a GTV interview.

The French Ambassador who is due to leave Ghana this August also revealed that Sarkodie’s “Strength of a woman” resonates with her not only because of the lyrics but also because two of her close friends made the song.

“Your artistes are releasing new songs and EPs but the song that will be most meaningful to me is Strength of a woman by Sarkodie and Stonebwoy because that song, not only the lyrics but I love the track and the fact that they are singing together, very close friends of mine, this song means a lot to me,” she said in an interview on GTV.”

The diplomat has won the hearts of many Ghanaians as she has meticulously blended in with Ghanaians on different levels.

However, she is due to leave the country in August this year.

“Well, I leave it to my successor to do it because I’m leaving at the end of August… I have been here for four (4) years and I’m going to be very heartbroken but I still have a few months to go and I’m sure there are a few more things coming maybe not as high profile as Accra In Paris, it was quite a huge thing to organize but I’m sure that some people will take over and would want to do Accra elsewhere. I just hope [they] just create a trend to put Ghana out there,” she said in an interview with Ameyaw TV.

Declaring her love for Ghanaian music, she said, “I’ll carry so many memories. I’m going to take away the emotion of the people. I love the people here; their kindness, hospitality, the smile. The music translates all that and I’m definitely taking away a long playlist.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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