General News Wed, 7 Feb 2018

Survey officers beaten, 8 arrested in land litigation

About three private surveyors were severely beaten after a survey on a disputed land triggered communal violence at Fuoshegu near Tamale in the Northern Region on Tuesday evening.

Two royal family fighting over the extension of demarcated lands for sale in the community clashed when the surveyors who were brought to carry out exercise by the chief, who is said be able manipulated by his children due to old age.

The other family attempted to stop the current chief’s family from further sale of the lands.

Ten people have been rounded up after a violent swoop by armed police deployed to quell the violence which started Monday where many others were reportedly injured.

The Assemblyman for the area reported to police about the tensions after a faction refused to attend a meeting to dialogue a compromise earlier in the day, before the coming of the surveyors.

Starr News entered the community while tension was still uneasy and saw dozens of men who evaded the police swoop, fleeing the community on motorbikes.

Women in the community who were traveling outskirt the village to struggle for water with animals, told Starr News “some people who came to erect poles on the contentious land” brought the clash.

“The police came with sticks and guns and fired warning shots. Many people at the station were severely beaten and arrested. Some of them are very old, they are not part of those fighting”, a resident Abiba Inusah told StarrNews.

Police are keeping the suspects in custody and have stayed tight lipped tight about the incident. Spokesperson for the police, ASP Mohammed Yussif Tanko was not readily available for comment on the arrest and state of investigation.

The Northern Region continue to record daily incidents of violence that has resulted in the dead of many people and destruction of properties.

In respondimg to the growing insecurity, the regional security agencies launched Operation Calm Life to counter and control crime in the poverty saddled region.
Source: starrfmonline.com