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TANIT claims on GALOP misleading and untrue – Education Ministry reacts

The Ministry of Education has described as unfounded some media reports on the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP).

In a statement issued and signed by the Press Secretary of the MoE, Felix A Baidoo, the ministry said it had together with the sponsor of the project, the World Bank painstakingly addressed the “unfounded allegations and claims, factual inaccuracies, misleading interpretations and other concerns” raised against the the Minister, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum with the aim of bringing a finality to the matter.

According to the ministry, the resurfaced attempt to spread untruth about the project coming after its address on the issue makes the deliberate attempt to denigrate the otherwise hardworking minister clear.

“Unfortunately, however, it is now clearer than before that those behind such character assassinating reports are deliberately embarking on a vicious smear campaign project against the patriotic, selfless and hardworking Minister of Education, Dr. Osei Adutwum, for reasons best known to themselves,” it said.

The ministry in the release dated August 17, 2022, denied the latest media reports suggesting that the Minister presented a so-called “fictitious report” reportedly to persuade the World Bank for the release of US$1.2 million meant to execute the GALOP.

The statement stressed that this was a project the Minister and the Ministry never executed.

The statement went on to note that the news reports are obviously intended to indict the “conscientious hardworking honourable minister.”

“Where and when did it emerge and who suspects that the Minister presented a fictitious report to World Bank to obtain funding for a project that was not executed?

“Why are we doing this to ourselves as a people?

“Are these people saying that they are more knowledgeable and wiser than the World Bank when it comes to project funding, implementation, monitoring and evaluation?” the statement asked.

The ministry wondered why the World Bank would go ahead to release funds if it had ever made any discovery supporting the claims in the report.

“…and, if they released the funds mistakenly before realising what these mischievous reporters are saying, why are they not recalling the fund and sanctioning us?” it questioned.

“Ordinarily, we shall not be bothered about such unfounded allegations and deliberate misinformation, however, we deem it expedient and highly imperative to detoxicate the media landscape of such maliciously published toxins before they affect the perception of the general public.”

According to the MoE statement, the World Bank has “intelligent and hardworking officials” who painstakingly verify project reports before approving them for further deliberations and work.

“And, the GALOP went through such vigorous system and process before adoption. They have found nothing wrong with our report and have no ill-suspicions about the lead implementing agencies and or their officials.

“The bank has made that sufficiently clear. And, the Ministry's communications outfit is prepared to give further clarification to issues that anybody does not understand about the project. The Honourable Minister and ministry have nothing to hide,” the statement concluded.

Find the full MoE statement below:

Source: Ministry of Education
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