General News Mon, 5 Nov 2001

TUC endorses reconciliation move

THE Trades Union Congress (TUC) has thrown its weight behind the government’s initiative to set up a national Reconciliation Commission.

A statement issued and signed by the Secretary General of the TUC, Kwasi Adu Amankwah said initiatives to reconcile the society are of importance, if democracy is to survive in the country.

The statement said a number of individuals and corporate bodies have suffered injustices since the Forth Republic.

“ This has left in its trail bitterness in some citizens and a conscious national effort is required to help the victims to ventilate their concern to enable the country to sweep behind it the cycle of vengeance and vendettas that has disfigured our history,” it said.

The statement further noted that the reconciliatory language employed in both the memorandum to the bill and the bill itself is satisfactory.

It said the congress is also satisfied that the commission is ‘essentially a fact finding body’ and shall make recommendations for redress.

“ The TUC supports the periods specified in the bill that the commission’s work is to cover, that is February 24, 1966 to August 21, 1969, January 13, 1972 to September 23, 1979 and December 31, 1981 to January 6, 1993,” the statement added.

The congress recommended that the removal of a member of the commission should go through the same processes their appointment goes through.

The statement expressed the hope that the independence assured the commission in the bill will be genuine and no attempt would be made to starve it of both human and material resources to enable it to achieve its objectives.

Source: Graphic