Take a cue from Bagbin and change your wardrobe – PNC to judges, lawyers

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Thu, 27 Jan 2022 Source: classfmonline.com

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has called on Ghanaian judges and lawyers to take a cue from the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin’s wardrobe change and also come up with a traditional made in Ghana uniform different from their current one.

The party congratulating Mr. Bagbin’s decision to ditch the colonial Speaker’s cloak for traditional African wear also encouraged members of parliament and all institutions of state to emulate “this fine showing of our culture.”

The Speaker of Parliament on Tuesday, 25 January 2022 showed up in Parliament in style clad in rich kente and jumper, complete with headgear as worn by a section of the people from the Volta region.

Explaining his new dress code, Mr. Bagbin said: “Hon Members, this is the Parliament of Ghana, a unique made in Ghana product and we must showcase and market it to the world as a brand. We must create a unique set of values and norms that will give a unique character to our Parliament to set it apart from the colonial legacies of the British system.

My outfit today, as the Speaker presiding, is to set in motion that agenda. The practice of MPs decently dressed in traditional attire led by the Speaker is long overdue. Ghanaians accept representation of the people to include representation of the full identity of the Ghanaian – i. e. culture, tradition, and more importantly their dress code.

“I am glad that this decision accords with some of the propositions of the first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and the other founding members of the Parliament of the First Republic. The dominant dress code of members of the National Assemblies of independent Ghana was a native costume. The Speaker of the first Parliament of the First Republic of the Country 1960 to 1965 - Rt Hon Joseph Richard Asiedu appreciated and practiced it.

“Hon Members, the robe, i. e the long garment, the headgear, and bib, constitute the ceremonial dress of the Speaker. This ceremonial dress is worn to distinguish the Speaker from members and to reflect the pomp and pageantry of special national occasions. It was therefore meant to be worn on only those special occasions. The ceremonial dress is not meant to be the daily apparel of the Speaker. Even the British have long abandoned this dress code. Ghana has long abandoned only the headgear and the bib. Hon Members, I assure you, we are not on a walk in the park in this journey of renaissance and transformation. We will not walk alone in this matter. We have a lot of followers and supporters. It is with this, I happily invite all of you to wear Ghana, grow Ghana, eat Ghana, brand Ghana, and transform Ghana. From now I want to see more Members appear in Parliament decently adorned in traditional dress.”

Reacting to the Speakers new dress code the PNC in a statement signed by its General Secretary Janet Nabla said the party believes that “our economic condition and our ways of life would be improved the moment we decide to patronize our products and live as Ghanaians and as Africans.”

Below is the full PNC statement:


The PNC commends the Right Honorable Speaker of Parliament for that show of our rich culture. The Speaker was looking too handsome in his regalia and that is a clear representation of the Ghanaian culture other than the usual gown.

He is certainly adding to the numerous call, especially by the first gentleman of the land- President Nana Akuffo Addo, that public sector workers can be in African prints. Also, President Kuffour in 2006 directed all public institutions to wear local textiles on Fridays to help boost the local industries who are into textiles production. It will also help us as a country to appreciate and patronize our own products and to live as Africans.

Not only should members of parliament emulate this fine showing of our culture but this should be emulated by all institutions of state. We only need to add a cultural touch to what we inherited from the Europeans. Our courts could adopt a dress code that will still ensure discipline and at the same time showcase our rich tradition.

On the 7th of January 2021, our Supreme court judges wore torn and faded uniform to the inauguration ceremony of President Nana Akufo-Addo and the PNC wondered whether it was due to lack of funds to purchase materials to sew new uniform or they were popping up with the status quo of our colonial masters.

Prof. Kofi Awoonor mocked educated Ghanaians in his poem 'We have found a new land'. It was about Africans imitating the dressing of their colonial masters and abandoning their own. The judges and lawyers can also come up with a uniform different from their current one that should have a local touch, and that will be admirable.

The PNC is of the belief that our economic condition and our ways of life would be improved the moment we decide to patronize our own products and live as Ghanaians and as Africans.

Aside from these monumental strides by the speaker, the Party wishes to indulge him to put his feet on the ground by remaining objective and neutral to ensure a healthy debate in the house. His ability to manage the house in the wake of E-levy shall be a test of his ability to remain a good Speaker who will lead the house to strengthen our democratic credentials.

PNC: Service with honesty


Janet Asana Nabla

General Secretary

Source: classfmonline.com
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