Talented 17-year-old identified by Ibrahim Mahama for mentoring after his video went viral

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Wed, 28 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Businessman and entrepreneur, Ibrahim Mahama, has started mentoring a young man with great prospects in machinery inventions.

17-year-old Master Solomon Atimbiri, who hails from the Upper East Region but currently resides in Kumasi, was spotted by the business mogul after one of his videos went viral this past weekend, catching the latter’s attention.

Ibrahim Mahama then followed up by traveling all the way to visit the young man to begin the first of many mentorship sessions with him, as well as get to see some of the other inventions he had on display.

According to details shared by the office of Ibrahim Mahama, the fact that the young inventor was able to build a moving excavator and other trucks by using locally available materials made it easy for the businessman to show great interest in grooming him.

With this, Ibrahim Mahama will provide Solomon Atimbiri with all the needed support he requires to get him to realize his dreams.

It added that the young man will also permanently join Ibrahim Mahama’s company, Engineers and Planners.

“He has been attached to a team of local and expatriate engineers. He will be given practical training whenever school is on break till he completes school.

‘He will join the company permanently and will be working with a team of professional engineers after completion of school. Some of the current engineers working within Mr Ibrahim Mahama's firm were also discovered as raw talent and developed to become professional engineers.”

Watch a video of Ibrahim Mahama’s meeting with the young Solomon below:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com