Talks on living wage should be re-visited to prevent labour unrest - Expert

TUCC.jpeg Dr. Yaw Baah is Secretary-General of the TUC

Mon, 25 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘We will negotiate effectively’, TUC

TUC hints at unprecedented strike if govt fails to increase salaries

Index our salaries against inflation rate, TUC

Labour consultant, Yiadom Boakye Ansah, has stated that the discourse on the implementation of the living wage should be re-visited as soon as possible.

This according to him will help address the labour unrest in the country as organized labour and the trades union Congress has hinted at embarking on industrial actions.

A living wage is defined as the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their basic needs.

Speaking on Asaase News, he said, “…If you look at it now, it’s about a week away from the May Day celebration, and if you are a labour leader and you have all these issues under your sleeves, you won’t just sit down and wait for the anger of your members when you gather them at the Independence Square for May Day parade."

“So justifiably, the leadership will have to present a situation that will give them some sort of feelings and sympathy from their membership. So, I am not surprised that this call is coming at this time.”

“However, as a labour person, what I think has opened up is the discussion of the implementation of the living wage at this time because if we don’t do that, and unfortunately the leadership is not able to hold up and stem any storm that could come up, we could have a backlash that will be very difficult to fight,” Ansah said.

Last week the Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress Dr Yaw Baah called on government to index salaries against the current inflation rate.

According to him, negotiations are ongoing to get government to increase salaries after which they would embark on strike to drive home their concerns.

“Employers should index our pay to the inflation because the employer changes the prices of their goods so the inflation rate does not affect them the way it is affecting us therefore, we should get our salaries indexed.

“We will negotiate effectively this year and that one, I want to assure you that I will lead that negotiation,” he assured. “We will continue to talk; we will continue to negotiate but if the dialogue fails, we are going to embark on an industrial action that has never happened in this country before.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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