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Teacher hailed for drawing computer screen on chalkboard to teach pupils

Owura Kojo posted the pictures of his class during an ICT lesson on his Facebook page


Teaching is not an easy job.

It’s made even harder when tutors do not have the resources they need to do the work they have been assigned to do.

A number of teachers have to improvise to get their pupils a basic understanding of the things they teach them.

One ICT teacher has literally gone back to the drawing board to teach pupils in his class how to use a computer.

In an ideal situation, students would sit behind their computers while the teacher points out the various parts of whichever programme they are currently studying.

Owura Kwadwo and his pupils, however have no such luxury.


Making do with the resources available to him and determined not to let his charges fall behind, the teacher sketched an average Microsoft Word document on the chalkboard.

The parts of the window are labelled, enabling the students to get a fair idea of the various parts of a typical Word document.

Not an isolated case

A number of schools in the country face similar challenges.

Many schools in rural Ghana, including the Gbolo Alzariya English and Arabic Primary school in the Sagnarigu district of the Northern Region are without Information Communication and Technology (ICT) laboratories and tools.


The school’s headmistress, Madam Mahama Maria, revealed to Citi News in January that the only laptop used for teaching the pupils has not been functioning since 2015.

According to her, a philanthropist donated the said laptop to the school with a population of 430 students.

“We have an ICT teacher in the school. In the past we used to have a laptop which someone gave to the school to use but it’s been spoilt for about two years now,” she said

“It is a big problem for us that we have an ICT teacher in the school and yet there is no laptop for us to use and teach the students.”

Source: citifmonline.com
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