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Terrorists using Ghana as central warehouse - Security Analyst warns

A security analyst has disclosed that terrorists are using Ghana as a central warehouse citing reports submitted to the United Nations Security Council, UNSC, earlier this year.

Adib Saani explained that the concept of a warehouse entails launching attacks on neighbouring countries but regrouping in Ghana to strategize and launch more attacks.

According to Saani, who works with the Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building, Mr. Adib Saani, it is the reason why terrorists have not launched any attack on the country.

“They are not attacking Ghana not because they don’t have the capabilities or abilities, but because Ghana is being used as a central warehouse as indicated in reports submitted earlier this year to the UN Security Council about the presence of a terrorist warehouse in Ghana, Togo and Benin,” he said.

Speaking at a public forum to mark the 20th Anniversary Celebration of NORSAAC, an NGO in the Northern Region, Adib called for improved intelligence as the best means of countering the activities of terrorist elements.

"I think one of the most important things we have to do is to improve intelligence. There are intelligence officers in every single Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly area in Ghana but what capacity do they have, what capabilities do they have?” he quizzed.

The theme for the event was: “Scourge of Violent Extremism in the Sub Region Threats to Ghana’s Security, Stability and Socio-economic Development.”

The issue of terrorist threat has in recent times been top of government's agenda. Aside assurances by government that the security forces are ready to protect the territorial integrity of Ghana, a campaign has been launched to sensitize the public on the need to be on the look out for any suspicious characters.

All of Ghana's neighbours have in the last few months ben attacked by terrorist elements. Burkina Faso remains the most impacted with Ivory Coast and most recently Togo recording deadly incursions.

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