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The 3 fiercest ‘Afia’s ruling the showbiz industry

Meet some wild Ghanaian female celebrities

Three Ghanaian female celebrities who share the same name and traits

Afia Schwarzenegger, Sista Afia and Efia Odo have these things in common

With their feisty personality, these three female celebrities carry the controversial tag as a ‘badge of honour’.

Like it or not, their scandals and antics is what keep the Ghanaian showbiz industry less boring and more interesting.

Cross their paths and they will descend into the gutters with you.

In an industry highly dominated by men, these three females are powerful newsmakers and to stay relevant, they always feed on controversies or wait patiently for the ‘next victim’ to cross their paths.

These females have one thing in common; they have engaged in all sorts of feuds with countless celebrities in the industry.

Bold, loud and scandalous are words that best describe them and they know no limits or boundaries.

Let’s take a look at these three wild ‘Afia’s dominating the showbiz industry.

Afia Schwarzenegger

Aggressive, wild and brave forms Afia Schwarzenegger’s personality. The comedienne has carved a ‘wild personality’ niche for herself as everyone that hears the name ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’, thinks negativity.

Her brand has been saddled with countless controversies and she has been touted as one of the movers and shakers of the showbiz industry.

She has fought and engaged in all kinds of feuds with countless celebrities, government officials both men and women alike.

Efia Odo

Don’t be deceived by her calm personality, Efia is wild!

She is fearless and mostly pops up in the news for the wrong reasons.

Efia, asides her ‘body exposing’ habit, is a scandal-loving person.

The outspoken socialite always thrives to be in the news and as such mostly shares her controversial opinions on social media or media interviews.

This always somewhat lands her into trouble. Efia’s controversies know no boundaries. It cuts across political, social, religious, and other aspects.

Sista Afia

Asides from the fact that she is one of the best singers in Ghana, Afia’s brand is saddled with a whole lot of controversies.

Always in the news and in most times, threatening to ‘physically assault’ individuals who cross her path.

She fights men and women alike and this has created a wild personality for herself.

Also, she has engaged in countless feuds with her colleagues, especially females. Sista Afia has no chill!
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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