The Ghanaian dream is to join politics and get rich quickly – CDD Boss

Professor Henry Kwasi Prempeh Is The New Executive Director For CDD Ghana.jpeg?resize=620%2C436&ssl= Professor Henry Kwasi Prempeh, Executive Director of CDD-Ghana

Tue, 8 Mar 2022 Source: www.mynewsgh.com

Executive Director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) Professor Henry Kwasi Prempeh has said that the Ghanaian Dream is self-enrichment through politics.

For him, the dream of many is to get into politics or close to it and make loads of money quickly.

His assertion was in response to a question posed by Energy Economist Theo Acheampong on what the Ghanaian Dream is as the country marks 65 years of independence from Britain.

With much celebration and well-scripted speeches, Ghanaians celebrated 65 years after attaining independence from Britain.

But Dr Theo Acheampong via Facebook sought to know what the Ghanaian aspires to be.

“Simple Question: What is the GHANAIAN DREAM? #GhanaAt65” he asked. “To get into politics or close to it and make loads of money quick,” Prof Prempeh responded.

Many commenters agreed with Prof Prempeh’s assertion, adding that rather than service, politics has become an avenue for self-enrichment through corruption and embezzlement.

Over the years young politicians with no working experience have become rich overnight in Ghana just because of their involvement with politics.

These young politicians have in a span of a few years built mansions and live luxuriously at the expense of the taxpayer.

The youth of Ghana through the fix the country movement are clamouring for change in the country’s constitution to allow for accountability from public service holders and politicians in the country;.

Source: www.mynewsgh.com
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