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The Gospel According To Dr. Obed Asamoah

The recent confession by Dr. Obed Asamoah (Former NDC Cabinet Minister and NDC National Chairman) that Ghana will be doomed should Ghanaians make a mistake and vote the NDC into power in 2008 is timely and divine.

Let no one make a mistake to suggest that Dr.Obed expressed that views based on sour grapes, certainly not; it is undoubtedly based on facts. Interestingly enough, there had never been any occasion when a leading NPP member had defected and made that submission against the NPP, all what you will hear are that in the NPP there is no Senior or Young (Alhaji Inusah –may he rest in peace) and at times the Dagbon conflict as a reason. The views echoed by this former powerful Minister in the NDC had confirmed the views some of us have longed held about the NDC.

Dr.Obed was not a small personality in the NDC, frankly nothing goes on in the NDC without his knowledge and for him to brand the NDC as a destroyer of a country is the unequivocal truth.

The amount of resources and time (20 whooping years) that were at the disposal of the PNDC/NDC, and considering what they did, then the conclusion is that, this country had not been managed well. Many bad policies initiated by the NDC are those hurting the NPP government now. One typical example is the JSS concept. This system was ill timed and wrongly implemented and is totally a disgrace to this country. Undeniably, much of the indispline and crime rate in the country have their root from the shameful JSS concept. More Students are collecting SSNIT loans thereby putting unnecessary stress on the economy, many students have completed school without finding jobs, and what do you expect them to do but to trade on the streets, others engaged in crime because there are no jobs for them, unnecessary pressure are also put on our infrastructures in the Universities and the Polytechnics (where you will see students selling beds and putting severe strain on basic amenities on our campuses) and when Government is unable to solve tertiary institutions difficulties, you will observed students approaching the Government in a militant manner. Assuredly, the JSS concept was a bad concept and could have best be implemented in a gradual 16-year plan where at most each District could have established 3 JSS. We cannot afford, but the best could have been to revise to the old educational system.

I will not mince words, these people have destroyed our country and at times I wonder how they have the courage to speak the way they speak. Let me inform them that their souls will surely be examined by Nature until they admit of playing with the lives of Ghanaians just to perpetuate their rule. That is why I was astonished when I heard Mr Eddie Annan (a contender for the NDC Presidential Slot) accusing the NPP of neglecting the people of Ghana and also accusing President Kufour of lacking international negotiation skills hence to him, the NDC should be given the mandate come 2008. Mr. Eddie Annan certainly does not know what he is talking about. For you to claim that President Kufour lacks international negotiation skills and neglecting Ghanaians, to be honest, some people should be sent back to school so that their eyes and brain could be refleshed. Any intelligent and objective person will testify that when it comes to International Diplomacy, President Kufour is on top. I am convinced that, it is only Anti-Democratic who will not appreciate the efforts of President Kufour in selling Ghana abroad and preaching peace on the continent, frankly, the President is held in high esteem in both the Developed and Democratic World. This government under President Kufour leadership had had sleepless night in thinking of ways to alleviate the economic difficulties facing this country, that is the plain truth.

Arguably, the NPP government is the best party for this country in our current dispensation. For example, the establishment of the Educational Review Committee- to find solutions to our current shamble educational system, the Mass Transport that is giving free transport to teenagers, meals being provided in our schools and the constitutional implementation of the Free Education, the Presidential Initiatives –though facing difficulties- and the extreme respect for the rule of law, all aim at helping Ghanaians to improve their economic well-being. I will be wasting my time in educating Mr. Eddie Annan and his associates on the massive infrastructure going on in the country. Admitedly, the Government ambition is unprecedented in the history of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah aside.


Certainly, no government in the world is perfect and I doubt whether we shall ever have a perfect government, but regardless of the few mistakes of the NPP Government, all the indications are clear, that the NPP is embarking on the right path to lead this country into a prosperous nation.

No country can succeed on the premise of vendetta and the allusion by some NDC members that the NPP is a vindictive party could be said by people who have just be born. Supporters of the NPP should be extremely proud that their party is led by a man who is humane and compassionate which to a very large extend transcended such belief through his Ministers and as a matter of fact, the NPP strive on forgiveness and letting State Institutions take care of wrongs in the society.

Ghanaians should examine the militant speeches of some NDC members, they have no respect for the Presidency, neither do they respect democratic institutions, Ghanaians should reflect back the abusive and tribal nature of the NDC during their electioneering-both when in government and opposition-advertisement and speeches and every objective Ghanaian will observed their wicked posture, but for the finest attitude of some few NDC members especially the leading Northern members of the NDC-whom I think can spearhead the transformation of the NDC- could have been termed as the “Taliban” in Ghana. Nobody should make the mistake that is insulting the NDC, certainly not, but the truth is that they love to suppress their opponent. Deep within their thoughts, they will never deny my assertion.

On many occasions have some few NPP members been unhappy about the way Government and the Party hierarchy have allowed the NDC to take centre stage in spite of their vindictive nature but repeatedly have it being made known to such supporters that the NPP philosophy is that, the state institutions are mandated to deal fairly to all Ghanaians. It is a fact that the NPP respected Jerry Rawlings and his Government when under constitution rule and it is very annoying that some NDC members have continue to show disrespect to the NPP government and that is why the recent advice given by the Vice President Aliu is refreshing. The Youth have always taken inspirations from adults and when you hear some politicians talk violently on radio and you pray that the youth do not imitate such attitude. At times you wonder what the NDC aims are, but Dr. Obed submission is a clear indication of what they want to achieve –anarchy and the wish to paralysed their opponent.

I am always in a panic mood when I see the CPP trying to assist the NDC dislodge the NPP, the CPP should mark my word, they will weep bitterly should they align with the NDC to win power in their current modus aperandi.

The government is surely facing difficulties but unfortunately, that are the symptoms of Globalisation and we need a united front to push this country forward. What I have observed, is that the NDC posture has repeatedly been to shun the government and Ghanaians should be careful about them. Am hoping for the day when the NDC will be reformed and led by truly democratic and humane personalities like the John Mahamas, I must confess, until the Jerry Rawlings and his Disciples are gone, Ghanaians will regret should they make a mistake to re-try the NDC in 2008.


The cocaine issue (for me, is only satanic element who will encourage such trade) had always been with us and records indicate that it was worst some years ago but are now being heard because of the many media houses in the country. The number of media houses and their quest to be ahead of their competitors are now using all means to fetch for news and hence using secretly recording device. Ghanaians should not be troubled, for in a new freedom environment these things are bound to happen and time will come when we shall understand things better.

I will passionately urge my fellow Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists that they should soberly reflect on the attitude of the NPP and the NDC and make a Divine analysis. Let no one deceive Ghanaians, things could have been worst in Ghana had the NPP not embark on pragmatic policie, admittedly, the World economy has since 2000 gone from bad to worst.

Those who sow in tears will surely reap in joy.

Martain Kwaning


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Columnist: Kwaning, Martin