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The Journey So Far


You welcomed to


motivational interview hosted by the young writer and speaker, Akpah

Prince to project young achievers globally.

Today, i host one of the numerous young achievers we can find on the African soil,


He is



ladies and gentle men my first guest Ebenezer Essuman.

AK: When and

where were you born?

EE: I was born on 24th December,1991 at Saltpond,a

notable town in Central Region of Ghana

AK: When did

you start schooling and where?

EE: I started my basic education

at Blessed Assurance,Korle Gonno in Accra and ended my my basic

education at Richard Akwei Memorial School in Accra(from 1999 to 2008). I had my

high school education at Swedru SDA Senior High School where i


was elected as the boys Assistant Academics Prefect

AK: Which

schools did you attend? Are you still in school?

EE: I am currently at African University College of Communication reading Strategic

Communication(public relation,integrated marketing and advertising).

AK: What were

some of your achievements in school? That is awards, positions etc.

EE: As i said, i was boys assistant academics prefect,Drama leader of which i

resigned due to some personal reasons. Talking of achievement in high

school,i will talk of how i selflessly help and influence the school's


AK: What do you

do now for a living apart from school?

EE: For now, i am running my own organization,Synergy For Success Ghana,managing

some projects.

AK: Can you tell us a little about your organization?

EE: Synergy For Success Ghana is aiming to be the world's solution center

where most problems hindering development and we also hope to engage in other ventures

AK: Could you

please share a history with us of how you started what you do now?

EE: Actually,upon realization and it has also been my ambition to impart in the


society and seeing many unsolved problems which hinders

development,i ask myself why don't i take it upon myself and find

solutions to all these problems. Also i knew i couldn't do it alone so i decided to

form partnerships depending on the type of problem i want to solve and that led to

the name Synergy For Success Ghana.

My main

mentor is MR.JOHN ARMAH the Executive Director of Ghana Center for

Employment Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Bernard Kelvin Clive is

great young man who also inspires me a lot and my own hardworking


AK: When and how did you discover your talent that lead to

your achievements?

EE: I will say it is by divine grace and upon countless

tries on other fields... I remember when i was a kid,all i wanted to do

is to be football star but i now know that's not were i belong.

AK:Is it the passion to see the change happen you have,

that drives you?

EE: Yeah,it is the passion... i am very passionate in what i am doing now and that

drives me to ensure the change which we all want.

AK: Please can you list some of your achievements?

EE: okay,achievement?for now, Coordinating a dubbed iCAN Mentorship for


basic education student in Ghana using my own funds and providing some

educational stuffs to some deprived students in Ghana... there others in the making.

AK: So far so good? Are you Content with what you have achieved.

EE: So far so good but i am not content at all because there

are more work to be done and i am not stopping yet

AK: Have you heard of any impact your work/achievements

have had on someone, do you mind sharing with us?

EE: Yeah,sometimes i

receive messages and calls from some institutions commending me and my

organization for the impact inculcated in their wards.

AK: What are some of the significant awards/recognition

you have taken so far?

EE: I am yet to

receive any notable award for my work but i am okay of playing my


AK: What were the challenges you faced on this journey?

EE: Challenges? i see them as opportunity since i am always

determine to overcome them.

AK: What greater achievements have you planned for the

future? Do you mind sharing them with us?

EE: To see my organization impacting

positively the masses is my dream.

AK: Want to know you more, anything else you want to share

with the readers?

EE: okay,I am self-inspired,ambitious,passionate,practical,God-fearing and the

overcomer of challenges.

AK: What are your final words to your mentees and readers?

EE: Focus,read,practical,ask question,performers

and God fearing.

AK:If you should be ranked by Forbes, what category would

you like to be?


AK: Any acknowledgements to some special people?

EE:Yeah,To God almighty my

parents,MR.George Essuman and Miss Felicia Afenyi Aidoo,My

mentors,Mrs.Ivy Agyapong,To one person who is always behind me,Miss

Charity Asante




Columnist: Essuman, Ebenezer.