The Lord is my shepherd, I will continue to work - Henry Quartey

Henry Quartey Fresh Photo.jpeg Henry Quartey, Minister for the Greater Accra Region

Mon, 28 Feb 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

'I'm not sick, ignore needless propaganda', Henry Quartey

I’m focused on making the region to work again, Henry Quartey

Henry Quartey advises people from spreading falsehood about him

Contrary to claims that he was unwell and for which reason he could no longer carry on with his work as a lawmaker, the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central, Henry Quartey, has quoted a scripture from the Bible to show that he is not down yet.

The MP, who is also the Minister for the Greater Accra Region, and who has been on a revolutionary campaign to get the region to work again, was reported widely to have been sick and near-dead.

But, in a recent engagement with Journalists, the MP said nothing will stop him from pursuing his agenda of getting indiscipline rooted out of the Greater Accra region.

"I want to put it out there that Henry Quartey is fit, I've been working and by the grace of God, I shall continue to work, the Lord continues to be my shepherd, I shall not want," he added

Henry Quartey also indicated that claims that he is sick and admitted in the hospital are false. According to him, they are attempts by people to do needless propaganda by spreading falsehood about him.

"It is rather unfortunate that people will choose to do this kind of needless propaganda by spreading falsehood about my good self, that I have been rushed in an ambulance, I have been admitted at the hospital," he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com