The audio that led to the arrest of ‘fake doctor’ Patrick Asiedu

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Sat, 21 Jan 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Ghana Police Service has announced that Patrick Asiedu, a ‘fake doctor’, who made some false claims about some of its officers has been remanded into their custody by a court in Accra.

This comes after the police arrested Asiedu for accusing four police officers of planting weed and cocaine in his vehicle in an audio recording.

In the said audio recording, of which GhanaWeb has a copy, a man could be heard narrating how the police allegedly set him up.

The supposed victim, who identified himself as Dr Patrick Asiedu, said that he was driving to his home at Kwashieman when four policemen stopped him on the motorway.

He said that as a responsible citizen, he listened to the orders of the police when they asked him to step down so that they will search his car.

According to him, as the search was going on, the police magically found weed and cocaine in his car.

“One of the policemen called and asked whether I was a doctor and I said yes. Then he said ‘Mr Doctor we don’t have any problem with you but what is this weed doing in your car?’ And I was like what do you mean?

“He (the policeman) said ‘look, look, look under your seat. What is this weed doing there and what is this cocaine doing there and what is this cocaine do over there?” he narrated.

Asiedu said that he told the policemen that he does not know how the narcotic substances got into his car and they told him that he had to pay GHC20,000 for them to let the matter go.

“They were like if that is the case, you will have to pay GHC20,000, otherwise we will send you to the station and we will send you to Narcotics and Drugs Board and after murder, drug is the second highest degree offence,” he said.

The police in a press statement dated January 18, 2023, said that investigations show that the entire story narrated in the audio tape was false and fabrication by the suspect.

It also said that Patrick Asiedu is a driver of a ride-hailing app and not a medical doctor.

Listen to the viral audio below:


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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