The best place to sell gospel music is in clubs – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene 1 Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene

Tue, 4 May 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Hiplife and afrobeat musician, Kuami Eugene, has responded to people’s complaints about him infusing his secular music with excerpts of gospel songs.

In an interview on Y107.9FM’s Ryse n Shyne, he told host, Brown Berry that he does not agree with this assertion that it is not right for him to infuse hip-life or whatever type of music he does with gospel. In Kuami Eugene’s opinion, people need to see this as a way of evangelizing the word of God to the masses.

“If gospel music is made for people that are close to God, then it should be played only in the church because that is where you find people that claim they really love God. Evangelism is the ability to go out there and reach as many people to share things about God with so I think it is even best to use every single opportunity to do that”, he said.

According to him, any opportunity that one gets to reach people, whether at the time they are dancing, drinking, or whatever, it is only best that they fuse gospel in there to remind people who created all of us.

Eugene observed that people are trying to win souls in churches; however, these souls have already been won, hence, “The best way to sell gospel should be in the clubs”.

The singer concluded, “We should be welcoming as Christians and we should be able to mention the name of God everywhere we find ourselves”.

Source: etvghana.com
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